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Our 100% Grass Fed, New Zealand Whey Protein is 100% naturally flavored and sweetened, ensuring that you get the cleanest product possible!

22g Protein Per Serving!
5.36g BCAA Per Serving!
2.88g Leucine Per Serving!
32 Servings Per Container!
100% Naturally Flavored, Colored and Sweetened!
Gluten Free!
Antibiotic & Hormone Free!
4 Delicious Flavors!

Why New Zealand Whey Protein?

Zero Hormones!

Dairy management systems in New Zealand prohibit the use of hormones like rBST.

Zero Antibiotics!

The use of antibiotics is illegal in the New Zealand dairy industry and the MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) requires a screening test for antibiotic residues.

Free Range and Grass Fed!

Dairy cows in New Zealand are free range and subsist on high-quality Non-GMO rye grass and white clover pasture virtually year round. This ensures optimal vitamin, mineral, enzyme and probiotic ingestion, creating a happy heifer and premium whey product.

New Zealand Whey Overview!

New Zealand dairies are held to some of the most stringent standards in the world! In New Zealand, the Dairy and Plant Products Group (a division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry-MAF) provides assurance to consumers, both domestic and international, that New Zealand's dairy products are safe and true to label. And, the government mandates that all dairy products must be free of antibiotics, chemical residues and hormones (rBST is illegal in New Zealand). Grazing practices, the humane treatment of cattle, collection and storage methods, and processing all affect the quality of whey protein. When choosing a whey protein supplement, it is important to keep these points in mind.

Suggested Use: Mix one (1) level scoop in approximately 4-8 ounces of water, milk or juice (to preferred taste). May be used one (1) to three (3) times daily, to meet your recovery needs, or as recommend by your health care practitioner. Mixes best in room temperature liquid.


SHAKER: In a shaker cup, add 6-8 ounces of your favorite beverage per rounded scoop of New Zealand Whey Protein. Firmly close the shaker cup lid and shake for 15-30 seconds.

BLENDER: Add 4-8 ounces of your favorite beverage per rounded scoop of New Zealand Whey Protein to your blender. Firmly close your blender lid and blend for 15-30 seconds, until smooth. You may add ice and blend for an additional 15-30 seconds.

SPOON / FORK STIRRED: No shaker or blender? Simply add New Zealand Whey Protein to a glass filled with the desired amount of cold water, milk, or your favorite beverage. For best flavor, use 4-8 oz of liquid per one (1) scoop serving. Stir with a spoon or fork until the powder is completely dissolved (typically under 30 seconds).

STACKING SUGGESTION: Our Grass Fed, New Zealand Whey Protein may be stacked with our HMB, AjiPure™ L-Glutamine, or add a scoop to our Athlete’s-Recovery™ to increase the protein profile. For more stacking recommendations, or information on other products beneficial to your training, please visit us at www.millenniumsport.net.

Allergen Information: Contains Milk.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from excessive heat or humidity.

Contents are packaged and sold by weight, not volume.

Warning: When using any nutritional supplement, please consult your physician if you are undergoing treatment for any medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating. For use as supplemental nutrition. Do not use as a sole source of nutrition for weight loss or maintenance. Do not exceed recommended dose. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!

**Proudly made in the USA from meticulously sourced domestic and international ingredients.

Formulated & Manufactured without the use of banned substances.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.
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