L-Citrulline in Ragnorok

  1. L-Citrulline in Ragnorok

    Please note that this is coming from and endurance athlete's perspective and I know that most people love the "pump" but for an endurance athlete it causes your body to feel heavy and slow moving.
    I've got a question regarding the new AM news post on L-Citrulline. The new study posted on AM regarding L-Citrulline shows that it increases time to exhaustion for endurance athletes. MST uses L-Citrulline in Ragnorok in its proprietary NO2 blend. I thought I read a study that NO2 wasn't necessarily good for endurance athletes. I know my experience with NO2 as an endurance athlete hasn't been good because of the "pump" it causes. Can someone tell me what is in Ragnorok that causes that "pumped" feeling and also what is happening to the body to cause this "pumped" feeling. From everything I've read I'm under the impression that it is the dilating of the blood vessels. I would think dilation of the blood vessels would be a good thing for everyone but if this is what is causing this "pumped" feeling maybe it isn't. It seems like every time I see a new study on something that improves an endurance athletes performance it's in Ragnorok. If I could only get rid of the "pump" feeling from Ragnoroc it would ROCK.

  2. You're most likely experiencing more fullness/pump from the Creatine, the blend of arginine and Clycerol. The addition of Cmal will perpetuate the pump....have you tried Cvol ultra, I find it to be a more rounded formula for endurance athletes and it just kicks but when you mix cre02 or Cordy with it.....I remember C5 and Citruvol combo being really popular back in the day.

  3. Gotcha. Somehow I totally overlooked Citruvol Ultra. If Creatine is contributing to the pump wouldn't I want to cut that out also?

  4. I would seriously look at something like Cre02 as an outstanding product for endurance athletes, it does cause pumps but the endurance effects I get from just 3 caps of cre02 is very profound, Matt has talked to me multiple times about tweeking the formula but it just so damn effective the way it is, I did like the OG version with ALA at times, the delivery system is just bad ass, you hold zero water with it and I will never go back to regular Mono ( I hate it )..... Tim everyone is different and respond different to products, I like Cordygen5, I like all the Millennium line and it's pretty much all I have as well as Genomyx but Cre02 is the best product they have IMO for just about any application.

    I think a good stack that just spanks it and is simple is Carnage, Cre02 and some LCLT......throw in some BCAA's and it's just killer.

  5. for endurance athletes, the cordyceps products are your best bet.
    citruvol ultra with the cmal, beta alanine, and the addition of cordyceps would also be a decent choice.
    as far as creatine containing products, you are boosting atp, but that is better for the short term, vs. long term bouts.
    most of the endurance athletes I have talked to have gotten a lot more out of ragnorok by adding in some pure fruit juice to the mix.
    rag isn't really intended for endurance purposes, the cordyceps products are the best choice for that, along with athlytes.
    of course your mvp and night dose of zmk are great additions to support all of the nutrients your body expels during the day and especially during exercise.

  6. I'm taking almost everything MST makes and love it. I love Ragnorok but hate the pump. I don't know what happened with the Citruvol Ultra. I just over looked it somehow. Now only if Matt could make a Citruvol powder that tastes like Ragnorok.


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