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  1. Thumbs up EnzyM Review

    Once again i find myself with yet another excellent MST product to add to my staple of supplements! I really have been anxiously awaiting the day i get to try EnzyM but your other products had taken priority over me buying a bottle of it.

    So with a little surplus cash lying around i finally managed to snag it and boy am i impressed! I live on a college campus and eat campus food regularly so you can imagine how bad my digestive system has gotten what with the lack of organic foods and enzyme depleted meals readily available.

    The tipping point that REALLY caused me to rush and get this product was i've been fighting an upset stomach almost on a daily basis from nearly every big meal i eat. It usually comes almost immediately after i finish and i'm quite sick and tired of fighting back the urge to throw up. I also got diarrhea frequently. The only solution was to eat just plain fruits like apples and pears which never caused any problems. Sadly, i can't have a diet consist of fruit

    The very first day i took EnzyM my gastronomical discomfort was GONE. Diarrhea was gone the next day. My stomach feels calm now, i can essentially eat any food i want however much i want without any threat of puking. The Herba-Soothe blend really shines i think in that respect.

    I haven't noticed anything on recovery yet but it has only been about 3days so i'll see in time. Another great, natural product by MST. This and Athlytes is definitely my favorite two products at the moment.

    On a side note it must be said that i have and have used NOW's Super Enzymes before i got this. Suffice to say, i wouldn't be looking for another Enzyme product if it had worked. It almost seemed like it made my stomach feel WORSE when i took NOW's.

  2. MST did a really good job on this one, the vegetable/fungal enzyme is just perfect IMO not too overpowering and no cholic acid ( ox bile )...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ryanp81 View Post
    MST did a really good job on this one, the vegetable/fungal enzyme is just perfect IMO not too overpowering and no cholic acid ( ox bile )...
    I think its the pH correct formulation that really shines for this product.

  4. this product is a Godsend for me, and I use it daily. I have the world's most sensitive stomach and this has made life so much easier.

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