SomidrenGH Ultra Mini review.

  1. SomidrenGH Ultra Mini review.


    Well Bnatural was nice enough to send me a couple of full doses of the new somidren in capps to try out, and I have to say honestly after 2 nights in a row, I dont know why I have ever used any other sleep aid. I am a huge fan of the old somidrengh powder, and I am a huge fan of sleeping.

    My sleep is so hit and miss man, sometimes I get on a roll, and sometimes I toss and turn for weeks, I like a natural hgh supp, I use them alot, And I do belive the reason I switch around so much honestly is the price. This "class" of suppies seems to be so expensive, so I hop from sale to sale, But that being said, Wow. I had two nights of unbeliveable 8+ hours non- interupted sleep with this new somidren. What I really liked the best is that it actually put me to sleep, and fast too. I think if the price stays reasonable I will have this stuff as a staple,I cant really comment on the recovery aspect, I only took it for two days, but even with the phenibut taken out of it it was the best sleep I have had in weeks. and am time I felt great. Would I go out and buy it? I am. Oh yeah and when I just got my nutra order there was 3 samples of it in the box. Hows that for a nudge huh
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  2. lol, very much appreciated for tossing up the review bro.
    very solid info, and glad it worked for you.
    the effects get better with use from my experience with this new capped version

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