Its time to Rok with Ragnarok

  1. Its time to Rok with Ragnarok

    I will start the use of Rag when my next training week begins, which will be friday.

    Im 19, 178lbs in the morning as of today. Ive used Jacked, Jack3d, Pre-surge, Pre-surge unleashed, Mesomorph, The old Rag, Maximize V2, Lit-up, RPM, Vasocharge, White Flood and a few more pre's. Ill try to make comparisons.
    Training: 5/3/1
    Day 1-Bench
    Day 2-Squat
    Day 3-Conditioning
    Day 4-Overhead Press
    Day 5-Deadlift
    Day 6-Conditioning
    Day 7-Off

    280g Pro/Carbs very depending on day/90-100g Fats

    Goals, strength and preformance. That is it, idc about the pump and to much pump hinders my preformance to see how this treats me. Im always looking for strength producing products.

    I will try to rate the product on:
    Taste, Focus/Intensity, Strength, Pump, Endurance

    I will log my remaining workouts till friday without Rag to just get it started.

    Btw i tried the SomGH sample i get with the package last night, it kept me up till about 4 a.m. and i took it at 12. Im extremely skeptical as of now so lets see if this can prove its self.

  2. Day 0 1/4/11
    10min Warm-up cardio/stretching
    15min soccer field sprints, sprint down walk back
    10min Cool-down cardio/stretching
    2 sets of 10 reps Squat form work

    Overall good session, Rag starts soon. It will be replacing my use of Superpump max and Lit-up, i will continue my intra-wo nutrition which is making a huge difference in my sessions.

  3. as much of a pain as this is going to be, could you please re-start this thread in the logging section? its part of the rules sadly. I appreciate it!
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  4. Yea man of course

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou321 View Post
    Yea man of course
    thanks buddy

    just post another link into that first thread so everyone can follow
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