Chris Popovich's IPA Bench Meet Results

  1. Chris Popovich's IPA Bench Meet Results

    First of all, I would like to thank both of my sponsors, Millennium Sports Technologies and also Critical Bench. It's an honor to have sponsors and I'm thankful.

    This was a long time coming and a huge personal goal of mine. Thank you to everyone who has helped me a long the way, either by encouragement, patience (thanks wife!) or great supplements.

    Oct 23rd IPA Bench Meet

    I weighed in at 269 lbs.


    Bar * 10 * 2 or 3 sets
    135 * 10
    225 * 3
    275 * 1
    325 * 1
    375 * 1
    425 * 1

    1st Attempt: 470 lbs, 3 white lights, PR!

    YouTube - Chris Popovich 470 Bench

    2nd Attempt: 500 lbs, 3 white lights, PR!

    YouTube - Chris Popovich 500 Bench

    3rd Attempt: 510, gassed, no lift. It was actually pretty close.

    I ended up winning 1st place in the raw professional bench only division. I'm very happy about that!

    Stuff I used for this meet: a lot.

    This meet was pretty much the culmination of my training and supplement knowledge. MST products that helped me a long the way are as follows:

    -MVP-365 & ZMK: I take these every day, no exceptions.
    -MycoGreen: I take this every day too, mostly b/c it makes my stomach feel better!
    -Ragnarok: This is big. I love this creatine and play with the caffinated & non-caffinated versions to suit my goals. Simply put, it works and works well, and tastes good too. Can't lose.
    -RPG: Keeping in mind my goals are a little different than the average person, I take a big scoop of this on my heavy training days mixed with Ragnarok. I was a hard sell with BCAA's, but RPG won a spot on my supplement shelf. I like it!
    -CRE-02: Good stuff. I personally like Ragnarok better, but why not use both? I add CRE-02 on heavy training days.
    -Athlytes: Didn't help so much with the heavy work, but stopped the cramping from all the volume and cardio I did. Very important!

    I use other MST products, but these are the ones that helped me smash that 500.

  2. great work brother....tearin it up as usual!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  3. Congrats, Chris!

  4. AWESOME!!!

  5. very nice work big fella!
    Athletic Xtreme Marketing Manager
    Athletic Xtreme at The Planet!
    Email Inquiries: [email protected]

  6. Congrats man! I've always looked at these athletes and weight lifters and wondered what supps they used to get so good. Glad it was MST! Incomparable company.

  7. CJ you are the man, out****instanding brudda !!!


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