ZMK Review

  1. ZMK Review

    A typical review on one of MST's fine products. Background info on me: I'm a collegiate track and field sprinter using these products for optimal growth repair and recovery.

    ZMA has always fascinated me. Just the concept that i can increase my GH legally has always attracted my attention. When i began having restless nights during the summertime i decided that it was time to look for a cure to this insomnia. I eventually did find the cure; a good Tempur-Pedic pillow is all you need but that's a different review for a different site

    I started off with ZMA pills and they did very little for me. I was having no vivid dreams although i did feel a little better rested in the morning time then when i took none. Then i heard about ZMK and the chelated mineral goodness in the MST product guide. I had to try it.

    Thank god i did.

    My first night using ZMK was fitful to say the least. It gave me the best sleep i have had in months. I didn't particularly notice a dreary effect as i was trying to doze off but it was a great transition into sleep. I may have woke up once or twice but it was probably due to noise or some sorts as i fell right back asleep nice and easy. When i woke up MAN did i feel good! I had an 8am class and had awoken at about 6:57am while i usually hit the snooze button till around 7:15!!!

    My roommate was tossing and turning in his bed and also had an 8AM class but had to force himself to wake up at around 7:30 with eyes still half shut and a sleepy expression on his face.

    I felt wide awake and my eyes were wide open as if it weren't that early in the morning at all. There really wasn't a feeling of grogginess, just pure focus and energy. This is my first day of using it so i should update as i take it longer.


  2. ZMK is some good stuff, I get some crazy ass dreams with it.

  3. ZMK is definitely a solid product.
    gotta love the chelates
    Athletic Xtreme Marketing Manager
    Athletic Xtreme at The Planet!
    Email Inquiries: [email protected]

  4. Just started on ZMK myself, and I am very interested in adding in MVP. Always a big MST fan, but this has really shown me how impressive your work is. I have a nice smooth transition to sleep with ZMK and feel rested when I wake up at 4am

    Nice work
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  5. thanks for the mini review!
    we appreciate the feedback!



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