CLOmega feedback

  1. CLOmega feedback

    I have been taking this for about a week and my elbows are starting to feel better. I haven't really noticed it in my knees as I use a slip on brace for support, but I'll try it without this week to see how they feel.

    To early to tell on recomp, but I'll be bumping to 6 caps per day this coming monday

  2. I gonna pick some up asap !!!

  3. You "feel" fish oil? Man you're lucky. I have a real good sense of how my body is doing (usually anyway) and I never feel supplements like this. I take them because they're good for you, but I always associated it with a long term thing, more along the lines of noticing if you stopped taking them. I've been using CLOmega for a few weeks, and like it. I like that I don't burp it up, so it's clearly easier on my stomach than whatever else I used to take (NOW fish oil, among others... had decent luck w/Carlsons, but burped lemon/orange flavor, lol). Right now I'm on 6 caps/day. Fish oil, green tea, vitamin C, garlic, these are all what I call my "longevity" supplements. I don't expect to feel or notice anything performance related from them, but I believe in the science behind taking them and that they can only help me reach my goals. MST is one of the only companies that has actually earned my trust (they better have, since they sponsor me, lol).

  4. I need to try clomega, if only to stave of the stupid minimal-but-annoying fat gain from sitting 14 hours a day.


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