Citruvol XS for 15 bucks on nutra!

  1. Citruvol XS for 15 bucks on nutra!

    I'm too broke to be buying supps right now, but thought I'd let others know about this deal! I ran a bottle of this a couple of months ago, and can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this stuff. I'm assuming they're getting rid of it at this price to make room for citruvol ultra, but either way it's a ridiculous deal. Thanks MST, and i'll definitely be giving the new cvol ultra a try once I have the funds!

  2. thanks for posting this, and sure thats the reason as well.

    Citruvol Xs was one of my favorite products so I cant wait to crack open my bottle of Citruvol Ultra and see how it compares
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  3. Agreed! It'll definitely be useful for saving money on beta alanine. A serving of citruvol ultra + half serving of carnage + cre-02 = win

  4. cit ultra is definitely awesome, and for those that aren't yet fans of beta alanine, citruvol at 15 bucks is a deal too good to pass up
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