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  1. Brahmabull somnidren log

    Day 2: February 10, 2010

    So, today I gotta to go to work so no a.m workout for me. I've decided to ex-nay the preworkout/a.m dosing cause when I get ready to hit the gym, I want to feel hyped and psyched to push it to the limit. The only thing that the dose did for me was make me want to crawl back in bed. You see, I am a respiratory therapist by trade and work 12 hour shifts. I have two small kids so getting up at 4 a.m to hit the gym and then leaving them to their own devices is not a good parental decision. My wife leaves the house at 5:45 a.m but, my workouts usually last for an hour and I don't want to give her any unnecessary stress waiting for me to come home from my workouts seeing that she has to be scrubbed in for the o.r by 0615. So, on the days I work, I usually hit the gym late around 8 p.m.. I know that's unorothodox for some of you guys here but, with a family and a medical profession that doesn't allow much flexibility, you train whenever possible.

    I've decided to take my half dose at bedtime as recommended by the company. This means changing my eating schedule to where my last meal is taken at least 1-2 hours before going to bed. 1 hour for liquid meals and 2 hours for solid food. Today was justa cardio day consisting of interval sprints on a treadmill for 30 minutes. I put in 3 miles for my run sessions and then I'm spent. After my workout, I had my postworkout shake and then waited two hours before consuming my somnidren dose then went to bed.

    I just hope that Millineum is right when they say that it's not necessary to eat a meal or protein just before you go to bed. That goes against my beliefs of eating to grow but, since I am a test subject, I have to follow the appropriate guidelines to get the maximum results. I just hope that this new change in my eating schedule will do more good than harm.

  2. I believe they have done the testing to support it.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by brahmabull View Post
    I just hope that Millineum is right when they say that it's not necessary to eat a meal or protein just before you go to bed. That goes against my beliefs of eating to grow but, since I am a test subject, I have to follow the appropriate guidelines to get the maximum results. I just hope that this new change in my eating schedule will do more good than harm.
    you'll get more results from taking S-Gh on an empty stomach for growth hormone release in your sleep and then eating a big meal when you're really hungry in the morning. Food will blunt the effects dramatically and it will be a waste of using the product. Carbs especially create this issue, which is why S-Gh is so effective compared to most other products of the same nature which contain carbs for their flavoring.
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  4. Day 3: February 10, 2010

    Wow, now I know why the company recommends to take it before going to bed. I woke up and felt extremely energetic and well-rested. The difference in my sense of well-being in comparison to day 2 is like night and day. It wasn't like I was jitterery when I was at work but, it felt like I had the energy to keep going and going and going. There was no afternoon lull like usual and my head didn't feel like it was holding a gallon of rocks. My thinking was clear and my work day ran very smooth.

    By the time I got to the gym around 8 p.m., I wasn't worn out at all. Most of the time, I have to psychologically motivate myself to train this late at night. But, again, I'm not a college kid nor do I have a real set routine where I can train at the same time every single week. My session only consisted of 30 minutes of cardio (bike interval training) and some trap work (shrugs: 4 sets of 15-20 reps; upright rows: 3 sets of 10-12) and ab work (crunches and leg raises). I hit shrugs with some crazy intensity! My last workset was to failure and I hit a new personal best ( 5 lbs up). The crazy thing though was that I still wasn't satisfied so I hit the weight again and I blasted another 15 reps with it. Crazy! The thing that sucked was that I let my drive overwhelm me because I blistered up my hand. Oops. All-in-all, I can definitely say it was a good day.
    Oh, one more thing, I think this was the first day since my elbow surgery that I didn't really notice it as a hinderance. Also, usually, my left knee that I injured a few years ago would always bother a few days after doing squats. Well, this day really amazed me that my knee didn't even bother me at all. In fact, it was killing me on Day 1 and 2 but, Day 3 shows no signs of irritation of joints whatsoever. Truly amazing.

  5. Day 4: February 11, 2010

    Again, I took my half dose just before I went to bed last night. Now, I admit that even though CTDeuce did reassure me that this was the best possible way to see the true power of this supplement, I still had skepticism. I'm almost 40 years old and many people and "experts" over the years have given me advice on taking supplements only to either be disappointed or very pleased. But, based on my first day and the response I got back from two people here, I decided to take a chance and change my ways. Thank god I did cause I feel great after getting some really good REM sleep last night. The crazy thing was that I dreamt nearly all night about a girl who I use to have a crush on years ago and it was so vivid that I can actually remember some of things she said even now as I am typing this blog. Man, this stuff better not wreck my marriage or Millenium is paying for the court and lawyer fees!

    Today is a rest day. I'm a little beat from the hard workouts I put in this week and I still got one more tomorrow to do. Deadlifts...ugh. Now, let me tell you guys what has happened to me on the physique dept.. Well, today I seem to look a bit harder than usual and my vascularity is up. I still have some white hairs on my head and my height is still a measily 5'5 and a half but, hey, at least I look a bit more cut than usual. I weighed myself yesterday and currently I'm 184 lbs. Remember, I've been taking a prohormone the last five weeks and this week is my last week. So, this hasn't really effected my weight gain cause since starting spawn I've gained around 9-10 lbs by pulsing it 3 days a week for a goal duration of 6 weeks. Unless somnidren does some crazy anabolic ramping within the next few days, I'll probably end my cycle at a net weight gain of 10 lbs at a bodyfat % of 11.

    Oh, and I am on a bulk phase of my yearly training so, my goal is weight gain with minimal fat accumulation. I'd like to continue gaining weight but, slowly because it does no good to gain weight if most of it is blubber. My goal till May is to gain another 10 lbs of muscle but, keep my waistline down and not go over 13 % bodyfat. So far, things are going good. Yes, it is difficult seeing that I'm putting in so much cardio but, I have a bodytype that accumulates quite a bit of fat and water along with muscle when trying to bulk up.

    Other than that, the only activity I will be doing today is running errands, taking care of my kids, hug and kiss the wife, take the oldest one to tae-kwon-do, stir-fry some bok-choy, feed the fam, bathe the baby and put him to bed, put the other one to bed, kiss and hug the wife again, lock up the house, take my somnidren and go to bed. Whew! did I miss anything? I'm sure my wife will let me know.

  6. Day 5: February 13, 2010

    I got up feeling really good again. Another good nights rest with no real dream issues. I've noticed that my skin looks a little better and my hair is a little thicker. Also, I've noticed I seem to look a little leaner and harder. My definition and vascularity looked good which does have me wondering if I'm losing weight. This was my last training day for the week and as mentioned previously, today is stiff-legged deadlift day along with ab work and calves. Hopefully, my weight loss is more bodyfat than muscle. By the way, no eating 1.5 to 2 hous before going to been going well so far.

    After a trying and heartbreaking day at work, I took my pre-workout supps and headed to the gym. I weighed myself and it said that I was 3 lbs lighter. This kind of alarms me cause my goal right now is to gain weight but, keep body weight between 180-185 lbs. I may have to change my diet up a little. My cardio was a 20 minute interval session consisting of 2 minutes of hill climbing on a stationary bike along with am all out 30 second sprint. I breezed through that part of my workout. Next, I moved on to stiff-legged deadlifts. I was able to add 5 more lbs again to my workset as well as crank out 1 to 2 more reps past my set rep goal. For some reason, I just was able to dig deep to squeeze out those additional reps. On calves, I was able to increase my weights too. And on abs, I was able to do 1 more set over than originally planned.

    To sum up, here's what I noticed during my first week using somnidren:

    -Really good sleep (felt like could have for 12 hours)
    -Energy (no p.m lulls, just good continuous energy0
    -Better focus and concentration
    -Increased sense of well-being
    -Overnight recovery
    -decrease in joint pain
    -increase in reserve anaerobic strength
    -decrease in bodyfat (definition looks a little better than last week)
    -increased vascularity
    -hair, skin, and nail improvement
    -increase in muscle power and endurance

    Although this is only the first five days, this is what I've noticed. How long this will all last depends on my physiology. Next week, I start training Sunday night because of the fact that one of the days my kids will be with me all day. My gym dosen't have a daycare so I can't bring my kids with me to workout. That's why God made 6 other days during the week so you can get in a workout during the days where your not too busy or free of responsiblity. But, that's not possible cause I'm a parent : ). My dosing will be on days I train near bedtime with one extra day where I'm not training. Yes, I will still be following the 5 days a week/2 off schedule. It just won't be 5 consecutive days and/or 2 consecutive off days.

  7. Day 6: February 14, 2010

    Happy Valentine's day to all the ladies out there who follow For those of you who are in a relationship, don't forget to love on your insignificant other in between sets. And those of you who are still looking or playing the field, take a break from the weights and go find yourself a hottie and have some fun for the day. And don't worry all you buff single dudes out there, she notices you. Hell, she's noticed you for a long time. Just don't push too hard like your doing a 1 rep max.

    Anyway, today was a training day. Odd, I know but, I can't reiterrate enough that if any of you guys out there have kids and are a dedicated parent, you do whatever you can to balance what you need to do for yourself and your kids. In this case, I knew I'd have my kids all day on the 15th cause I'm not working that day and it will be presiden't day so no school for the oldest one and the daycares are closed here. So, I will have them all day.

    After working 8 hours at the hospital, I headed straight to the gym to start my first workout for the week. This consisted of 30 minutes of interval cardio on the treadmill followed up with bench presses (4 sets of 10, 6, failure, 20), hammer shoulder press (2 sets x 10-15), barbell curls (1 x 20; 1 x failure with a negative), and lastly rear delt dumbbell flyes (2-3 sets by 10-15 reps). Also, this day begins the start of my PCT. Actually, the somnidren should show its true colors in regards to doing things for me while I'm not so "jacked" anymore. One, it should help me maintain my muscle mass and strength. Two, it should help maintain my weight. Usually, I lose a few pounds (2-3 lbs.) during PCT but, I'm hoping now that I got somnidren on board, it should help keep me in an anti-catabolic state. I also have a SERM on hand just in case I need it and still continuing with the AI and test-boosters. Seeing that I had pulsed my last prohormone cycle, I'm going to shoot for 3 weeks of PCT. Some of you may think I'll need more time than that but, that's not a time period written in stone. We'll see how I feel when I get closer to the end of my estimated PCT length then determine whether I'll need more time off. By the way, my weight ended at 184 lbs at 11.5 % bodyfat. My starting weight before the cycle was 175 at 12 % bodyfat. Not bad for a pulse cycle.

    My cardio went fine but, struggled a little seeing that I'm heavier than I use to be. But, was able to finish the time and work required to accomplish my session. After resting for a minute or two to catch my breath, I moved on to bench presses. I decided to go up in weight and was able to hit my designated rep range. When I go for failure on bench presses, i usually aim for a range of 6-10. I never was good at benching but, I still respond to the movement and that's why I don't cut it out of my routine. The other movements went well too. I was able to move up in weight 2-5 lbs. in all my movements. Also, I plan to keep training as heavy as possible cause I like to keep the intensity high even though I don't have anything fueling me that's as strong as a prohormone. I don't like to rely on that stuff to initiate intensity in my training. For me, that's sometimes more a state of mind. After being in the gym for about an hour, I headed home, spent the rest of the evening with my kids and wife, celebrated the rest of Valentine's day with my wife and retired for the night around 11:30 with a half dose of my handy-dandy somnidren.

  8. Day 7: February 15, 2010

    The day after a hard workout usually sucks upon awakening. It usual takes a dose of fat burners to get me going in the morning. But, since taking this stuff, I've been getting up fine. In fact, I feel like I could get away with not taking it on somedays I'm not ready to train. Sure, I'm groggy during the first 10 minutes of wake time but, who isn't? But, after 30 minutes of being up, I felt ready to go. Another thing that let's me know this stuff is working is that my knee and elbow didn't bother me today. Normally, my elbow would be stiff and my knee would be aching if I flex them at a particular degree. But, they feel fine. Man, I am so glad I got picked to test this stuff. I'm still looking for less white hairs on my head, though! Also, I got two comments from two of my patients yesterday saying I looked like an athlete. They thought I was a MMA fighter on the side cause of my build. I use to kickbox and stufy karate years ago but, not anymore. It felt good that I got those compliments cause its been a long time since someone who doesn't even know me gave me a compliment like that. Oh, and some of my female coworkers have been a little more touchy/feely with me lately since this stuff has done its job on body recomposition. I just hope they don't pull that crap (rubbing my back or my arms) in front of my wife cause she'll kill me. She works in the same hospital I do. I think she visits me sometimes after she gets out of the O.R just to check up on me. Hey, like the saying goes, you don't crap in your own backyard.

    Well, today is an off day. I'll be running around doing errands and I won't be taking my somnidren tonight. Besides, tomorrow is just cardio so, I won't necessarily need to take it. I'll resume somnidren "therapy" tomorrow night up till Friday of this week and take a break this weekend. But, depending on my wife's schedule I may start week three on Sunday. We'll see.

  9. Day 8 and 9: February 16 and 17, 2010

    Today was cardio and abs. Nothing special except I was able to go through my cardio with no problem. In fact, I was able to recover easier this time around and move to ab work vs. the last time I hit the treadmill then moved on to the weights. I guess all this solid sleep I've been getting is starting to pay off in the gym. By the way, I took my blood pressure this morning. It was 110/76 and my pulse was at 68.

    I hit abs and actually had energy to do an extra exercise in my routine. Usually, I'm so beat from my run that I'm only able to do one ab exercise. This time I did two ab exercises and an extra set per exercise. I went to failure in each set without too much difficulty.

    As for the rest of the day, I felt fine. Actually, I felt better than fine. I was able to do all my housework I set for myself yesterday as well as run other errands. Again, I didn't feel like curling up in a corner and passing out. So, out of the 8 days I've been using this stuff, I think only twice I felt like I had to find a hole somewhere away from the outside world and pass out. Also, I've done everything in my power to take my dose before I go to bed. Believe me, DO NOT take a single gram of this stuff first thing in the a.m.. If you do, be sitting down somewhere and don't even attempt to leave the house by means of car, bike, or scooter. I think Michael Jackson should have been using this stuff to help him sleep cause it sure does it for me.

    Currently, my weight is 182 lbs and still feeling strong. My bodyfat is at 11% so I may have lost some bodyfat since being on this stuff. Some new developments I've seen occur is that hair has gotten thicker and my appetite has increased. I may have to boost my calories this week to compensate for my metabolism. But, overall, I'm still happy with the results. Tonight, I do cardio and hit traps with some heavy (for me anyway) barbell shrug work. Hopefully, my hand will hold up cause remember I developed a blood blister a couple of days ago. I've had to use gloves to train recently and I hate using gloves. But, I gotta do what I gotta do in order to train effectively. I'm from the old school way of training so I don't necessarily believe in using gloves. Plus, I like how the weights make my hands feel a little rough. I remember when I was injured and couldn't touch a weight for 5 months, my wife made a comment to me that kinda struck a cord. She said that my hands were so soft since I stopped lifting. That comment bothered me so I haven't used gloves since starting back 9 months ago. Now, I've got my calusses back and then some.

    Well that's it for now. Will update you on how I did on my workout tonight. I'm combining my log into 2 days. So, the workout that I described in the beginning was done yesterday. Today, (the 17th) will be my night workout. Again, I will update you about how it went tomorrow and what will be going on with me.

  10. looking great in here bro....keep up the good work!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  11. Day 10: February 18, 2010

    Well my workout last night was really good. The cardio went great and my trap workout went very smooth. I didn't go up in weight cause of my hand so, I decided to up my reps. I blasted out my work set and got 15 more reps than I did last time. I was really blown away. By the way, I felt great all day yesterday with no afternoon lull at all while I was at work.

    At my hospital, I had a health fair assessment which measured blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. Well, my results were good for the most part except for my HDL which was low. I blame this on the prohormone cycle I had just done so, I'm going to get checked after the end of my PCT to see if it went back up. Plus, I started on some Niacin to help increase my HDL so, hopefully this will corrct the problem.

    Oh, by the way, I just want to thank you CTDeuce for giving me this rare opportunity. And thank you for the kind words. I'm trying to be as thorough as possible

    Today, is an off day for me but, not really. My workplace had a fitness challenge for the employees in the hospital. Seeing that I have been feeling good since starting this stuff I decided to do it. I didn't get really great scores but, I did prove that I could still do it and keep up with alot of the people there even though I had just trained hard the night before. Normally, I'd be too beat up to do something like this but, today I did it and proved to many that my physique is not just for show. The challenge did kick my butt so, there may be a chance I may have to wait till Saturday to train. We'll see.

  12. Day 11: February 20, 2010

    I think MD's Greg Valentino put overtraining in perspective when he said that there is no such thing as overtraining but, not trainiing hard enough. I think some of us rely too much on supplements at times and not enough on what it takes to really stimulate muscle growth and peak levels of fitness. Like Greg said that some of the old bodybuilder's of the 1970's use to train a bodypart 2x a week and train twice a day. But, you gotta take into consideration that these guys had inhuman genetics that if they were to go into some other type of physical activity, they'd excel as well.

    Anyway, my point is that on the 18th, I did that fitness test and told you guys I was sore as hell. Well, the next day my legs felt a little better but, not much. Thank god I got a chance to move around a bit at work cause it helped me recover for my workout that night cause it was a leg workout. So, I decided to do an interval run instead of hitting the bike. I feel more anaerobically stressed sometimes if I hit the bike cause I do an interval workout that involves hills. Anyway, my run went well (only 20 minutes) then moved on to doing hack squats instead of leg press. Leg presses sometimes stresses a little bit more of my hamstrings than my quads. I didn't want to take that risk cause my hams were killing me yesterday. But, out of sheer will and determination, I was able to do everything including calves and hit the appropriate sets, weights, and reps with some difficulty. I was just amazed I could do it.

    Oh, I decided to check my weight again and today I'm back up to 184 lbs. I ate a little more the last couple of days but, for the most part, my diet didn't change. I don't know what's happening with that but, I'm happy I'm not wasting away since being off the prohormones. Well, I gotta go. My daughter has a belt test today. I'm resting the rest of the weekend.
  13. Thumbs up

    While I don't entirely agree with Valentino on this (as I do believe there is such a thing as overtraining) I do believe that the "wear-down" that most people percieve as overtraining is actually due poor nutrition.

  14. Day 12-13: February 22-23, 2010

    Hi all. It's been an interesting two weeks since being on this stuff. I completely didn't use it at all this weekend cause I wanted to comeback to training on Monday and see how it feels again taking it 5 days in a row. This past weekend though I felt exhausted for the most part. My training this past week wasn't hempered by the fitness challenge but, I truly believe the somnidren helped me get through the week cause my workout on Friday was good. But, boy, did I pay for my extra activity this weekend. I was completely worn out and hurting all over all day Saturday and Sunday. I took power naps and tried to do as little as possible.

    When Monday came around the bin, my legs were still hurting except for my calves and hams so, I decided to train even though my quads were slightly painful to the touch. I was able to tough it out and get my 30 minute sprint/walk done. Next, I started hittin' the weights. Monday was back and tri's. I'm so thankful that it's one of my favorite workouts. I don't think I could do another leg workout without giving up too soon. Anyway, I hit all my reps, sets, and personal bests but, something didn't seem right. I usually felt somewhat strong and motivated to crank it out, but not this time. I almost felt like I was going through the motions but, not really. I just felt like I didn't have that "reserve" I can tap into like when I was on that prohormone cycle. Anyway, after training, I headed on home to call it a night and then took my half dose of somnidren.

    Now, I have to discuss the fact that when you have a family, your activities get put on hold. Suddenly life revolves around your babies and, to a certain extent, your left to put aside your needs at times. For the last three days, my three year old son has been coughing in his sleep. His cough is loud enough that it wakes me up every time he does it I just hope he can stay quiet tonight cause I'm a little groggy today. Hell, who am I kidding. I'm wiped out today.

    Today will be shrugs, abs, and cardio. We'lll see whether I can get through this seeing that I've been awakened once every night for the past three nights. Also, I may be tired since this is only week 2 of my PCT.

  15. Day 14-15: February 24-25, 2010

    I feel alot better today. My workout Tuesday went very well regardless of the fact my legs were probably at 85% strength. Luckily, I don't train legs till the end of the week or I'd be delaying my healing time of my quads. My hand calussed up pretty good since blistering it last week so shrugs wasn't a problem for me. I hit my 4 sets of 15-20 and trained abs with no problems at all. I felt strong and didn't feel like I was going through the motions. Tuesday night my son finally slept all night without coughing so, I got a full nights rest as well. I really did need it cause yesterday I felt rejuvenated and ready to go. However, I did get that afternoon lull around 1330 but, it was mainly cause I was getting hit by a tidal wave of msg cause I ate at a Korean restaurant for lunch with my little boy and one of my long time best friends. I don't get to see him (or any of my friends hardly for that matter) due my kids and family life. Hell, I just got invited to some fraternity get together tomorrow night and its at a bar somewhere near my town. It's founder's day for my fraternity but, y'know, something tells me that I don't need to be reliving my old frat days seeing that I'm almost 40 years old with two kids and a wife. I remember when I was in my early 20's I'd be partying at my frat house and then one of these older frat guys from years past would come slinking around trying to look cool and hit on the younger chics who obviously didn't want anything to do with him. God, did those guys look downright pitiful. Sure, it's nice to see people you haven't seen and have a drink with them but, you also got to rub elbows with a whole host of people who are almost half your age and could careless who you are. They just see you as an old guy trying to relive the glory days of your past. Man, I don't even remember my fraternity creed. But, there was a time when I could say that motto in my sleep. But, I don't know. I may just go for an hour

    My weight is floating around 180-181 right now but, I still feel strong and full when I'm doing my normal daily activites. Sure, Monday's workout wasn't my most intensive session I've had but, I hit new weights and hit the reps that I set for that session. So, the only thing I can conclude is that I'm losing bodyfat and keeping the muscle I've attained from my cycle. I seem to be a little more cut than usual today. My abs look a little more tighter than usual but, the crazy thing is that I have been consciously eating more calories than usual. So, the somnidren must be promoting more fat loss right now while helping minimize cortisol release. I asked my wife if I look "smaller" and usually she busts my balls a little but, for the most part, she tells me the truth. She said no and that made me feel a little better. As long as I don't look "small" to other people or get comments like "are you losing weight?" then I'm okay with the fat loss. Tonight is just a cardio workout and then tomorrow morning I hit legs. Deadlifts...oh, boy, I can't wait. Thank God I've finally caught up on my rest. I don't think I could bear to endure even 20 minutes of high intensity cardio.

  16. Day 16 and 17: February 26 and March 1

    Friday's workout was good. I was able to do my cardio with no problem and busted out 325 lbs of romanian deadlifts for 10 reps. This was 5 lbs heaver than last week. I'm going to try to stay as heavy as possible during my PCT because I still want my natural production of hormones to aid in building muscle. I'm old school so, I believe that muscle needs be stimulated for it to grow. I do see a purpose for using medium to light weights for high reps and sets but, its not going to build real muscle like heavy training. Although my cortisol levels are high since being off cycle, this shouldn't be a green light for me to take it easy unless I'm injured or emotionally strained. I took my last dose of the week Friday night.

    I rested for the rest of the weekend. I took my kids out rollerskating (i suck at skating) on Saturday then bowling on Sunday (i suck at bowling). They had a good time. However, I truly believe man wasn't meant to travel on top of 4 little wheels. Sunday was the 3rd installment of my Fitness Challenge and it involved bowling. Now, I don't know about you but, I thought a fitness challenge involved testing you aerobic or anaerobic capcities. The only capacity I saw being tested was how many drinks you can guzzle down in an hour and what type of dipping sauce you can consume with your chicken strips. My team lost but, it was no big deal cause the challenges aren't over yet .

    Today, I'm gonna be hitting chest, shoulders, and biceps along with my 30 minutes of cardio. I've been feeling good lately since being off my cycle. My libido has been doing fine but, my wife's libido will always be higher based on the fact she's 10 years younger (she's 28). I'm already facing an uphill battle. There's no supplement in the planet that can help me get to my wife's libido levels. God, help me . Tomorrow, I will let you guys know how things are going tomorrow. Oh, weight is at 182 and no change in bodyfat. I didn't some junk over the weekend too.

  17. Day 17, 18, 19,: March 2-4

    Day 17:

    I struggled through yesterdays workout but, today was a different story. My hip was still sore from the past weekend however, it hasn't hindered my training. Shrugs went well. I went up another 5 lbs on the top of my workset. Also, abs seem to be getting easier on me. I did 1 set of leg raises to failure and then I did 2 sets of nautilus ab crunches to failure. I did well seeing that I had the energy to add another set.

    I'm on my 3rd week of PCT and it seems I've lost fat than muscle cause my lifts are still good. I don't know how much I weigh but, whatever it is, I know on Friday. Comsmetically, I actually look better now than I did on-cycle. How is that? I'm feeling fine but, I still miss that little extra kick since being off the prohormones. In about a week, I'll be back on another prohormone cycle. Hopefully, I'll make even more gains when I start up again. But, somnidren has be doing well in regard to keeping my gains from my previous cycle. I'm just a little upset about my bodyweight cause I lost about 3 lbs..

    Day 18:

    Not much to report. This is my day off and I feel quite rested. The somnidren helped me sleep well but, I still took nap when my son fell asleep as well. Heck, I figured the extra sleep wouldn't hurt me. I had 2 cheat meals yesterday which consisted of alot of southern comfort food/soul food and a mexican feast for dinner. I felt no guilt about eating and in a way I felt like I needed the extra carbs and protein cause I've been struggling lately to keep my weight above 180 lbs. The GH release at night has been causing me wake up feeling hot the last two nights and I've already mentioned that my bodyfat is a little lower now than before i started my somnidren cycle. So, I'm not worried about one night of gluttoney seeing that I'm struggling right now to maintain my weight.

    Day 20:

    So, I take my normal dose the night before and today I feel a little worn out. I don't understand why but, I did get up once last night cause I got hot. I know why I've been doing this lately and it has something to do with the Niacin I've been taking before going to bed. My doctor recommended it to me to use in conjunction with my crestor to help increase my HDL cause it was a little low on my last blood test. If this continues jacking with my sleep, I may consider taking it at another time earilier in the day.

    Today is squat day and I'm really hyped about doing this movement cause I haven't done it in awhile cause I rotate this movement with deadlifts and leg press. Also, my knee hasn't been hurting at all since starting somnidren. That's why I think I'm gonna start to see some gains again from squatting seeing that I'm not debilitated from sore joints. I will update everyone how my workout went this weekend. Wish me luck. Also, I'll give an update on my weight and other current stats.

    By the way, this question goes out to CTDeuce or any of my other fellow loggers. How long are we suppose to be writing this log? It's only been abouht 3 weeks for me but, I'd like to know how long I'm suppose to be taking this till I take a break or if I need to cycle off this stuff?

  18. Day 20 and 21: March 5 & 6 2010

    Here's an update on my current stats:

    Weight: 181 lbs.
    bodyfat%: 10.87

    Not bad for being on PCT. Beside somnidren, I've been using t7 by scifit. It took a while for it to kick in but, once it did, I noticed my strength was back. I trained trained calves and quads yesterday along with abs. It definitely was a good workout cause I squatted the weight that I had used last time (which was a couple of weeks ago) with no problem. My knees didn't ache at all. However, my back did twinge a little on my heaviest set but, it probably had something to do with the weight I was using. Other than that, I left the gym very happy. After my post-workout shake, I waited an hour and a half then took my normal dose of somnidren and went night-night. Hey, my son's only 3 so I've been picking up on some of his vocabulary. I think I caught myself tellling someone that I had to go to the potty. Damnit.

    Day 21:

    What a nice day. Today is an off day but, I go back to starting my training week tomorrow. As mentioned in past logs, when your the dad of 2 young children you use all the days of the week to get things done. So, I will start my training week on Sunday and take one day off during the week. By doing so, I can keep my "5 days on, 2 days off" schedule intact.

    I feel really good today. My mood is good and my energy is there but, I"m not bouncing off the walls or anything remotely close like that. Since I will be hitting the weights tomorrow, I'll be starting my new prohormone cycle. I've taken somnidren in conjunction with prohormones before but, that was at the take end of my previous cycle. I don't think it really made much difference in the synergy between the two supplements cause I think I've gained as much size as I possible could for that cycle. I'm pretty eager now to see what will happen this next cycle seeing that I'll be starting from scratch. I know what this stuff does during my PCT and I like the fact that it continued to keep my bodyfat low (actually lost fat) while mainitaining my gains from my previous cycle. Now I'm curious to know if I'll make more anabolic gains seeing that I'll be introducing a new prohormone into the mix. I'll still be pulsing my prohormone and will continue taking dhea and T7 on my off days. I will update you guys on how my workout went on Sunday starting Monday.

  19. Day 22 and 23: March 7 and 8, 2010

    Day 22:

    Today is the day I start Somnidren dose with a full prohormone cycle. Last time I stacked somnidren with prohormones, I did see a dramatic change in my overall appearance. I got tremendous pumps from my workout and my lifts went up as well as my endurance. However, I didn't stack this very long cause I started somnidren near the end of my prohormone cycle. This time I won't be in that predicament so, I'll try to see if I can take my somnidren with the prohormones for 6 weeks. The somnidren may run out before my cycle ends but, we'll see what results I get while stacking these two agents.

    I had a great workout tonight. I went up in all my lifts and got some really good pumps out of my workout. The pumps were so good that when I got home from the gym, I could see the new stretch marks that already formed near my insertion points near my shoulder. Anyway, I felt great lifting this night. Once I got home, I relaxed, put my kids to bed, had my dose of somnidren then went to bed.

    Day 23:

    This is a rest day for me. My son is sick and that means no going anywhere today. I'm just going to chill with him and just stay inside and catch up on some of my shows and put in a little xbox time. Notihng really to report. Just felt my normal "good" today. I haven't checked my weight since last week so, I'll be doing that near the end of this week. Shrugs will be tomorrow's session along with my usual cardio.

  20. Nice log. I see you're BF% is @ 10.87 on 03/05. What was it when you started?

  21. Thanks. My bodyfat percentage in the beginning of my log was at 11-12%. It was more like 12%. It has been great for keeping my bodyfat levels down while staying on a bulking kind of diet.

  22. Day 24 and 25: March 9-10, 2010

    Day 24:

    I thought I was gonna wake up sick as a dog from being around my son all day on Monday but, the bodybuilding gods were merciful to me. I woke up feeling really good and confident about my workout coming up tonight. My run/jog/walk went well and my shrugs went up another 5 lbs.. Again, excellent pumps and the reserve strength was there.

    The only thing I noticed cosmetically so far since last update about my physique is a few new veins on my forearms but, other than that, there's nothing much to report as far as other positive effects is concerned. Tomorrow is an off day. I'll be going to get an ECHO done because of my heart. I'll explain on my next log.

    Day 25:

    I'm completely off today. I felt really rested a good night's sleep. Last week, I was kinda of beat up and the somnidren was giving me the rest I needed but, I still felt like I could go back to bed after being up for a while. Anyway, I'm not going to give any stats until the end of the week. I just hope I gained some new muscle this week.

    As mentioned on my previous log, I have heart disease. I inherited this condition from my father and it got passed on to me. In 2006, I got hit with an M.I (myocardial infarction) and was admitted into the hospital for a stent placement. The doctors saw I had two blocked arteries in the left side of my heart so I had stents placed to reopen my arteries. As a result all this, I've had to change my lifestyle and training so I recieve both aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

    Now I know that some of you who have followed my logs have seen my mentioning of the use of prohormones in conjunction with the somnidren. Yes, I'm fully aware that the prohormones do show risk of messing with many organs in the body including the heart. I have mentioned that I do use them and although my cardiologists or my regular primary physician don't necessarily like it, they know that I'm in the medical field as well and wouldn't abuse any form of drug since my license is on the line even when I'm off duty. They both have told me that if my labs are really completely off or I start experiencing any chest pain or discomfort, I need to stop. Right now, I pulse all the prohormones I take cause I don't want that stuff building up inside me for too long without excreting the toxins that are left over after the liver has broken down the hormones. Dr. D has done an extensive write up/blog about how to use these things without destroying your body. It's probably the longest ongoing thread I've ever seen on any forum website. Alot of people say I shouldn't be using them at all because of my condition but, if I followed everything my doctors didn't want me to do, I'd be just a sloppy, fat couch potato.

    At 5:30 p.m, I got my ECHO done. This test is to measure the activity of the heart during normal resting conditions. I still have damage from my M.I to my heart valves but, it is still functioning properly according to what the tech said to me (the tech is the person who runs the machine who measures the electrical activity of my heart). In fact, my ejection fraction (a percentage that represents how strong and how much blood my heart can pump out) was 58%. A few months ago last year, it was only 40%. I was so happy that I picked up my three year old son and said "Yeah, dada is gonna be around a few more years" and gave him a big hug and whispered in his ear "I'm doing this for you." That's the reason why I've combined both my cardio and weight training on an equal playing field cause I want to keep my tiicker running to see my son grow up to be a man. What's the point of having all this muscle on me if I don't have a strong heart that can pump enough blood to fuel my muscles for growth and recovery. So, I guess the somnidren has been doing its job on the cardiac forefront. Now, if it only started darkening these white hairs, then I'd be the perfect supplement. .

  23. Man, I'm very happy for you in regards to your heart issues. Live each day to the fullest just like the old saying goes, as you never know what tommorow will bring. Finding the right mix between being healthy, making a living to support your family and spending time with your kids as they grow up is one of the hardest things that any man faces in their lifetime. Many years of continued good health to you and your family.

  24. Not sure how I missed this one, but very good detail so far. Good stuff man!
    Athletic Xtreme Marketing Manager
    Athletic Xtreme at The Planet!
    Email Inquiries: [email protected]

  25. Thank you guys for the nice words. When CTDeuce elected me to do this log, I told him and the rest of the board that I would log my accounts of using somnidren in conjunction with my everyday life. My life is real and it's as real as it gets. Most of the guys who get the opportunity to try a new product are either in their late to early 20's, single, and still in school or working or both. I'm just an average Dad who works fulltime trying to do everything in his power to maintain his health while at the same time building a physique that people would find impressive for a man who's almost 40 years old with two kids and a wife. Most married men my age don't have heart disease yet look like they should cause they've inherited the "marriage belly". I refuse to end up that way even though I'm getting older and my body isn't as primed as it used to be when I was in my early to late 20's. But, I won't put my life in jeopardy by trying to take everything under the sun grow an extra inch on my biceps. I believe a person can take ergogenic aids and supplements to better one's overall health as long its taken in moderation and you get checkups from a notable physician to make sure your not harming your body.


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