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  1. Day 31: March 17, 2010

    I had a good night's rest last night. Although I stayed up a little later last night, I still felt fine getting up this a.m.. In fact, i slept so well that I dreamt about going to sleep when I was already asleep. How strange is that! This type of phenomenon could also mean that I didn't get enough sleep. My wife thinks that I didn't get enough sleep. Whatever.

    I've decided to keep going with this log until I completely run out of the stuff. My workout won't happen until tonight so, I've got nothing to report until tomorrow. The only thing I noticed from my last workout was the fact that I was pumped all day yesterday even though yesterday was an off day and I've got this delayed soreness thing happening right now. Well, my workout will only be abs and shrugs along with a 30 minute run/walk. I about died the last time I did cardio cause I was carrying extra water weight on me from the weekend. Man, my run felt like I had two dwarfs latching on to my legs. I sweated buckets that day. Oh well, hopefully I grew some new muscle between then and now.

  2. Days 32-35: March 18, 19, 20 and 21

    Day 32:

    I'm not training today because I've moved up my next workout days to Friday and Saturday. So, this is nothing more than an off day for me. I got errands and chores to do which is not related at all to bodybuilding. One of the cool things about using somnidren this long is that I've found that I can keeping running around all day and not get fatigued or needing an afternoon nap. I've mentioned that before in earlier logs. But, the amazing thing about this stuff is that it still works for me even for being on it for this long without a break. So, unless you want to know about my trip to Walmart, this day is closed.

    Day 33:

    A cardio day and nothing more. That's the theme for today. For some, cardio is just a chore for them. A time to zone out and either catch up on some reading or run through their list of 10,000 songs they've uploaded on their ipods. For me, it's all about working up a good sweat and feeling out of breath at the end of my bike run. I don't feel like I've had a workout if just go at a low intensity pace. Hell, I might as well just take a nice leisurely evening stroll around my neighborhood block. Nope, that just doesn't cut it for me. Tomorrow, I'll be back on the scale and see what I've gained recently.

    Day 34:

    Y'know, one of the amazing things about this product is its ability to not just recover one's CNS but, it actually does wonders for the joints. As mentioned in previous logs, my joints (especially my left knee) hasn't bothered me at all since starting somnidren. That's why after I've finished with this bottle, I plan on continuing buying more of this incredible supplement. By the way, today will be my last dose. I've got about one more serviing right now and that will be used tonight. I'll give you guys my final analysis then in a couple of weeks have pictures up to show you guys what I've accomplished with this stuff. Oh, by the way, I quit taking glucosamine chondritin about a week ago.

    Again, no knee pain at all. And even after my workout today, I can safely say that my knees held up during both my cardio and my quad workout. Man, am I gonna miss using this stuff when I take time off of it. I've gotten so use to all the benefits its given me in the past couple of weeks that I've almost taken for granted what I've been given. The wonderful thing about all this is that I've experienced a second chance to rebuild my body and take it back to a level where I thought was long gone and forgotten years ago.
    So, I'll tell you guys the same thing I've said time and time again about my workouts. I broke a personal record on my leg press and hit and extra set of abs. I've also been able to superset abs with legs like I use to when I was in my 20's.

    Day 35: March 21, 2010

    I can't believe I did all these excerpts. This is my last excerpt before putting in pics. Man, I have to admit that trying to find the time to do all this was pretty tough. The only reason I even caught with my last 4 excerpts is because my 3 year old is knocked out.

    So, here's my final stats:

    Starting weight:178lbs
    Starting bodyfat %: almost 12 %

    Ending weight: 184lbs.
    Ending bodyfat%: 10.89%

    Bench press: up 15 lbs
    Barbell curl: up 10 lbs
    Bent-row: up 20 lbs
    Dips: up 20 lbs
    Deadlifts: up 30 lbs.
    Squat: up 20 lbs
    Shrugs: 25 lbs.

    Those pretty much are my major lifts. I do a few more like hammer shoulder press, abs.,
    calf work but, I'm more interested in seeing progress in the above lifts cause these are the lifts that build size and strength. You won't see too many big guys saying they got built up by doing side laterals all day. Other than that, that's it. I mentioned in the beginning the effects of what I noticed physiologically as far as the benefits were concerned. Today, I still stand very firm toward those claims. And after I've taken some time off from this product, I will reorder another can of somnidren with no hesitation. It did wonders for me and hopefully for some of you who followed my logs all this time take the incentive to try this product and see what it can do for you. For me, it kind of turned the clock back a little and improved so many aspects of my health and even my overall life. Maybe it will do the same for you. Thanks Millennium for letting me be part of this once in a lifetime experience. And thank you CTDeuce for believing in me and giving honest, everyday joes like me a chance to better their lives for the people they love and care for day in and day out.

  3. a great review on a great log...thanks so much buddy. Im glad you got so much out of the product and plan to use it again soon
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete


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