Calm before the storm!!!!!

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  1. Calm before the storm!!!!!

    Alright guys! I am about to start up a log for the ironman stack from MST with a few other goodies thrown in! Today I received a package with almost everything except for my citruvol....oh I got some VO2 ultra as well! I couldn't wait till mon to start so this is what I did:

    45 min pre-workout- 3 VO2 ultra
    30 min pre-workout- 3 Carnage/1 scoop green mag/SNS Focus XT/3g citrulline

    Ok so the run down....I know I know you hear those people say you can really feel yada yada from the very first dose.....well VO2 ultra is in that category! It is simply amazing! I received a sample pack of this and felt the very same way I did today so this in no placebo! I have just recently started up crossfit! I have a 10 year gymnastics background and the rest of the time spent weightlifting! So I am no slouch but my endurance sucks right now! However, VO2 makes you feel like you just got a brand new set of lungs! First off, it took me probably twice as long for me really to start huffin and puffin and Second, when I did it took me less time to regain my breath and calm down! My endurance was also greatly enhanced! For those of you who don't know, crossfit combines gymnastics + olympic lifting + calesthinics into one big endurance workout! You might think the WOD (workout of the day) looks easy but you will think twice after you start! Here is how it went down today:

    21-15-9 reps of:
    full clean with a squat (115lb)
    ring dips (easy for me to knock out from gymnastics)

    The first round is 21 reps the next is 15 etc etc. You see how fast you can finish and lemme tell is brutal! But with the proper MST workout was much much better than it would have been! Yesterday I was definately having a hard time especially in the cold weather! Today, after we were done and I regainded my breath, I was ready for something else! I stayed for a while after working on certain things! Sorry for the length of this but I was so excited to let ya'll know just how legit MST supps are! I can't wait to start the full ironman stack (Cre-02/Citruvol XS/Carnage/Cordygen 5). I think I am going to be setting new strength/speed pr's in no time! On a side note! This is the first time I have tried SNS focus XT! This is not only some of the best tasting stuff but it does what is it say's as well! I was ready to go and had some good focus running! well as the WHOLE MST line will definately become a new staple of mine! As a matter of fact I am about to head to the np store to order me some more MST products before the sale ends! Looking forward to trying the new mycogreen out! Think this will greatly aid in recovery and can't wait till the new more cough cough....hairballs to deal with if you know what I mean ! Keep it up guys and watch for my log to start next week.

  2. cant wait for the log to start brotha! Great little "lead in" to the log here, and awesome praise for the products. Thanks so much, and I can't wait to see what happens once you have Cre-02 and the other staples of the Ironman on your side. Life as you know it....has changed
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  3. subbed for any and all MST products. They flat out work
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  4. Thanks fellas, I can't wait to get things going! Gonna do a little workout this am so I will let ya'll know how it went! By the way, when I get this log going strong, should I keep it here or move it to the review section?

  5. I agree with you VO2 works from the very first dose. I have some coming my way as well, and you can really feel it. I used to use C5 but I think that VO2 is way better. C5 is still good, but I have no need for the time release, and love how quick and hard VO2 kicks in.

  6. As soon as my stash of C5 runs out I will hit up the VO2..sounds great.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 350zTT View Post
    Thanks fellas, I can't wait to get things going! Gonna do a little workout this am so I will let ya'll know how it went! By the way, when I get this log going strong, should I keep it here or move it to the review section?
    You can run it wherever you want bud...I will be following regardless

    Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    I agree with you VO2 works from the very first dose. I have some coming my way as well, and you can really feel it. I used to use C5 but I think that VO2 is way better. C5 is still good, but I have no need for the time release, and love how quick and hard VO2 kicks in.
    I agree that the product is phenomenal..and thank you for saying so! I personally prefer cordy 5...but I also work 2 jobs and on off days I do 2 workouts in a day, the 12 hour time release is better for my style of life. If things were different...i'd be a v02 hooker in an instant

    Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    As soon as my stash of C5 runs out I will hit up the VO2..sounds great.
    Why not?! See what ya think
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  8. Alright guys, even though I don't have my full stack in yet (everything minus the citruvol) today is going to be the official start day for my quest for strength/endurance with MST as my guide! LETS DO IT!!!!! I am exicted to see what these supps can do! First off, what is the best dosing protocol for the ironman stack? Here is what I was thinking:
    cordy 5/Cre-02-2 hours pre-workout
    Citruvol-1 hour pre-workout
    Carnage-30min pre-workout and post workout

    There are a few more goodies I am going to throw into the mix! I also ordered some caf free rag ultra that I can't wait to try, as well as, some mycogreen! So far, I love V02 ultra so I will compare this to cordy 5! Can't think of anything else to add right now but I will try to update often!

  9. I didn't post sat workout but here was what I did:

    V02 ultra-1 hour pre-workout
    3 x Carnage/1 scoop green mag/3 g citrulline/2 g ALCAR/4 g PLCAR-30 min pre-workout
    T-force x 2-30 min pre-workout

    The workout:

    5m row- 1:40.6 at 38 spm

    Bench press-
    1-10-1-20-1-30 reps (so 1rep max then rest then do 10 reps, etc)
    315-225-315-185-300-135 (20+5+3+2)
    *I didn't go to crazy here because I didn't have a spotter!

    Iron cross work with EFX rings (5 reps) + waist high box jumps (10) x 3 sets

    Barbell Curls
    115 x 5/115 x 5/95 x 5

    Shoulder mobility work

    "Fran"-5:27 (time to completion)
    Thrusters (95lbs)
    Pull ups

    *In crossfit, your fran time supposadly tells pretty much how bad **s you are! Which I agree/disagree. It is hard but can see where other workouts can be just, and if not more, challenging! Usually, a good time is between 2:30-3:30 min! I know I could have done much bette doing this at the begging of my workout at the begging of the week! I just wanted to try it out!

    Strength: Felt strong but kind of hard to judge today because I didn't have a spotter
    Endurance: Felt great but not as good as the other day! Definately could tell it was better than it would have been with no supps but I was definatley huffin and puffin during the Fran workout but again this was at the very end of my workout! I also noticed it took me a little longer to regain my breath too! Maybe I might bump the V02 to 4 caps!
    Pumps: Definately had a good pronounced pump going
    Thoughts: Great workout! Good strength and endurance but not as good as the day before! I actually felt the BA tingles which I never felt the day before! I was just kind of messing around sat with some different things! Today (mon) will start the seriousness! Stay tuned for todays workout/updates!!!!!!!!

  10. What is a FRAN?
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  11. Fran is the workout I described above! Don't ask me why but in crossfit the workouts are named after ladies! Supposadly fran is one of the hardest or the one that test's your ability the most! In crossfit, all your workouts are timed so they are measurable and repeatable!

    21-15-9 reps for time
    Thrusters (basically a front squat with a shoulder press all in one)
    Pull ups

    So your first round you do 21 reps thrusters then 21 pullups then immediately 15 thrusters 15 pullups then to 9! This is done to see how fast you can complete the whole cycle! Looks alot easier than it is lemme tell ya! I am definately diggin the crossfit workouts though! A good change of pace for me!

  12. your dosing looks just fine buddy....i'm excited to see how it goes for you.

    What are your doses of C5 and Citruvol? full dose of both might be too much for you...i'd assess first to make sure.
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  13. I have only used samples but dosed cre-02 with citruvol together full dose & did fine! What would u suggest CT for the cordy 5 & full stack? Should I start w half dose?

  14. I personally never tell anyone to lower the dose of Cre-02 since I personally feel it's the most efficient product on the market today PERIOD. I would say to use 3 Cre-02, 2 c5, and 2 Citruvol for the first day and see how you respond. If all is well, go up to 3 c5 on day two. If all is well, try full doses of each.

    I don't think you'll NEED full doses of all 3 products because the oxyceps ATP you get from the Cre-02 and one of the other products at full dose will be enough...but it all depends on what you want more. If you want the added oxygenation bonus, i'd say do full Cre-02 and full Cordygen 5 with half of Citruvol. If you are looking at endurance then i'd say a full Cre-02 and Citruvol and only 1-2 of C5 and you should be perfectly fine.
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  15. Sound good man! Thanks bro!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by 350zTT View Post
    Sound good man! Thanks bro!
    anytime buddy
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  17. Day 1:

    Pre-workout Schedule-

    2 Hours Pre-workout
    Cre-02 x 3
    Crodygen 5 x 3

    30 Min. Pre-workout
    Carnage x 3
    Citrulline x 3 g
    SNS Focus XT x 1 serving
    PLCAR x 4 g
    ALCAR x 1.5 g
    Betaine Anhy x 2 g
    T-force x 2
    Ghenerate x 3 sprays


    Purple in train x 1 serving

    The Workout:

    Kind of sporatic today! Today was suppose to be a rest day but I didn't workout on sunday so decided to go in and do some stuff!

    Freddys Revenge-

    5 rounds for time (7:48)

    135 push press x 5
    Burpees x 10

    415 x 1
    430 x 1PR
    385 x 4
    315 x 8

    Ring Strength Sequence x 3 circuits
    Crosses x 5
    Rows x 10
    Chest fly x 5
    Maltese x 5

    Hanging Windshield Wipers 3 x 10

    500m row

    Thoughts/Rants/The Goods:
    Well, as you can see I hit a PR on deads today! Which felt great! I have a feeling a week or two into the full stack I will be feelin like a beast! Felt strong and solid today but was a little tired today! On the push presses I felt very week though, however, I attribute this to the shoulder probs I have been having with my left shoulder! Slow rehabing, stretching and ice are slowly working their coarse though so it is getting better! Would have really like to have been pushing 185.

    Definately had some mega endurance going! I was at the gym almost 2 hours....granted an old gymnastics buddy caught me halfway through my workout and talked my ear off so that kind of slowed me down! But even after all of that, I felt like I could definately stand another 2 hours! I wasn't tired at all and I am still not tired right now! Feel like I could go for another workout right now ! I started giving out some during the freddys revenge workout but after a short break/breather I felt as strong as one would during the beggining of a workout!

    Hadn't really noticed this until my ring strength cycle! Holy ish my veins were poppin out everywhere! Look like I had a roadmap of veins pulsin! This was great! Looking forward to see what the citruvol will do in this department.

    Definately am liking the Focus xt blend! Can definately tell a difference when I take it! I am always ready to tear the weight up and seem like the ol mind-muscle connection is very strong

    Definately was doing well today! About the only time I got winded was during the freddy's revenge workout. But my resp rate calmed downed rather quick and felt like I could take deeper breathers better! Feeling great!

    Side Effects-
    None whatsoever

    Today was a great day! Even though I was tired I hit a PR and definately feel like I could have worked out for another 2 more hours! First day has started off with a bang and am already loving the stack! My citruvol comes in tomorrow so definately looking forward to trying this out! Also looking forward to see how the mycogreen treats me!

    Already looking forward to tomorrows workout! DO IT DO IT!!!!!!

    Pre-Bed Supps:
    Ghenerate x 3 spray
    ZMA x 3 caps

  18. Nice job on the PR bubba. This is going to be good...
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  19. Thanks AZ! I definately think this is going to be a fun ride! Pretty sore today....more in my shoulders than anything but trying to get my butt to do some sprints/ab work before work today!

  20. I will keep this log here but also put one in the review sections so everyone else could follow as well!

  21. great update...its only going to get better from here bud. Awesome DL too...430 is nice.
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  22. Thanks CT! Well, I got kind of screwed at work today! So hopefully I will be able to hit the gym before they close tonight! Got stuck working the late shift ! BUT I couldn't resist and ordered 2 more bottles of citruvol and another mycogreen from np! That sale is just sick and can't pass that up! Think I have a full years worth of citruvol now !

  23. very nice work on the log thus far, keep up the great work!
    Athletic Xtreme Marketing Manager
    Athletic Xtreme at The Planet!
    Email Inquiries: [email protected]

  24. Day 2:

    Pre-Workout Dosing Protocol-

    2 Hours Pre
    Cre-02 x 3
    C5 x 2

    1.5 Hours Pre
    Citruvol x 4

    30 Min Pre
    Carnage x 3
    Focus XT x 1 serving

    *Didn't use anything intra workot*

    The Workout

    I got off work alot later than I thought tonight so I was pressed for time at the gym and didn't get as much done as I would have liked! I am gonna double up tomorrow though!

    AM Workout/Pre-Breakfast
    7 sprints! Felt a twinge in my right hammy on the 8th so stopped there! Had a small tear in my right hammy a while back but sometimes it flares up on me!

    PM Workout

    Box Squats
    1 x 235/10 x 185/1 x 240/20 x 135/1 x 245 PR

    *Was suppose to do a final set of 30 but I was pressed on time and also I strained hard enough on that one rep that my hammy tightened up again and I was afraid to push it!

    Box squats were supperset with these ab exercies

    Leg Raises (straight legs/toes to bar)

    then went to,

    Winshshield wipers + Hanging Straight Body Raises
    5 per side + 5
    3 + 5

    WOD (3 rounds for time):
    10 x burpees
    10 x renegade rows each arm (65 lb db)
    15 x pull ups

    Thats all I had time to get done !

    Thoughts/Rants/The Goods:

    Definately felt strong today! Ok ok....I am one of those guys who hates working legs! I have the big upper body syndrome! Big upper body but small legs because I just hated working them! But in crossfit, your legs are pretty much worked everyday in some fashion! I have actually grown to like to work them so I can't atomatically assume the supps are the reason I am getting PRs in my leg workouts right now but I know they are no placebo either!

    This was definately enhanced and better than yesterday! With the addition on Citruvol, I was expecting this! Due to my limited time, my rest times were slim to none! But it was funny because I never really seemed to get tired! I might burn out but gimme a few SECONDS and I was ready to go! Lovin' this effect! I felt like the energizer bunny!

    Even though I basically only did legs I could see my veins in my forearms and shoulders bulging doing squats! This was definately increased today! Again I credit this to the citruvol!

    Even though I was tired from workout today, I felt really good, focused, and ready to tear the weight up!!!!! I attributed this to the Focus XT

    Kind of dissappointed in this aspect today! I started breathing heavier faster today and my recovery (breath) took much longer today! Neverthless, I was resting very little between sets! Also, I opted for more endurance in my dosing protocol vs V02 Max! Might switch it up for the VO2 max next time! Definately love when I can catch me breath faster!

    Side Effects-
    None whatsoever! I did noticed that I started sweating alot faster today! And I got rather hot pretty quickly! I am thinking that this was probably due to the caf in the Focus XT! I got the BA tingles again today but I also got them in my back some today, which is weird because I have never felt them there! It is usually just my face, forehead, and ears!

    So far, this stack has definately been of much needed assistance in my lifting and endurance endevours! I am definately looking forward to the cumulative effects that these supplements have to offer! I am enjoying the ride thus far and can only imaging that things will get even better! Gonna wait a few weeks but am going to throw in a t-boost into the mix pretty soon! Either primal male + Divanex + 6-bromo or DTHC + DTP! We will see! I wanna see what all this stack has to offer before adding anything else! I would like to lose a few lbs to try to get ripped for summer! Looking forward to getting 2 workouts in tomorrow!

    Questions!!!!!! How should I dose everything if I workout twice tomorrow???? Thanks

    Post Workout Supps
    Mycogreen x 2

    Mycogreen x 2
    Ghenerate x 3 spray
    ZMA x 3 caps
    Green Tea x 1 cap

  25. Alright guys! About to hit the gym this am! Today I tried the caf free Rag ultra Blue Raz! It is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! I mixed it with some 10 cal vitamin water lemonade flavor and it tasted just like cotton candy! MMMMMMM! I could drink this all day!


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