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  1. Thanks B, things should be more normal next week! I work in a pharmacy and we have just been so short staffed it is not even funny!!!! I am following your log man! Have had my eye on the swole stack so interested to see how it goes for ya!

  2. Day 4:

    Pre-Workout Protocol:

    45 Min Pre-Workout

    V02 Ultra x 3
    Citruvol x 4

    30 Min Pre-Workout

    Rag Ultra Caf Free x 1 serving
    ALCAR x 1.5 g
    PLCAR x 4 g

    *Had a cup of coffee pre-workout as well*

    The Workout

    Alright guys still trying to get my workout's dialed in, along with some PR numbers so I can see if I am improving! Remeber, I am realtively new to crossfit/olympic lifting! I like this new challenge to me! However, I am NOT new to weightlifting! I use to pound, usually, one muscle group a day with vigorous sets/rep schemes! I just have seemed to have hit a plateau and feel the less I do, the more my body is actually responding! I am liking the way my body is transforming with these crossfit/endurance/O-lifting workouts! I think I am starting to look leaner and my muscles harder! Anyway, enough ranting!

    Partial Cleans
    *This is really the first time I have ever done these*
    135 x 3/3
    150 x 3
    185 x 1/2/ in essence this is a PR for me
    *I put 205 on the bar and think I could have gotten it but kind of chickened out! Threw it up to the top of my shrug but then backed out from dropping under the bar a tad*

    Strict Overhead Barbell Presses (SOBP)
    *Left shoulder is definately getting better but still a little nervous to push the heavy weight! Can also tell that I still favor my right due to the injury*

    135 x 10
    165 x 5/5....then went to do 2 sets of push presses

    Push Presses

    165 x 5
    135 x 10

    *I have got to get more shoulder and wrist flexibility! It is hard for me to get my elbows up high enough to rest the bar on my shoulders!*

    Was suppose to do a deadlift WOD and see if I can PR on deads today but the hamstring is still KILLING me! I went up to 335 and on about the 5th rep felt it twinge and decided to back off and let it rest! With age I have learned that sometimes working through the pain is not the best solution !

    So moved on and did a little ring strength:

    Muscle Ups 3 x 5
    Ring Dips x 3 sets to failure
    Iron Cross Work 3 x 5
    Maltese x 3 sets
    Planches x 3 sets
    Inverts x 3 sets

    Doesn't seem like a lot but am loving adding the ring strength at the end of my workout! Think it is definately help add in more defination to all aspects of my upper body! Esp in the shoulder/triceps!

    Thoughts/Rants/The Goods:

    Felt very strong today! I didn't go for any PRs although I felt like I would have broken my deadlift PR if my stupid hamstring wasn't bothering me! But definately can feel I have an increase in strength

    This was great today! Even though you probably couldn't much tell in my sets, my rest time between sets was prob 30 secs! I was blazing through the workout and during the ring strength sequence didn't rest any! I was definately impressed with this aspect tonight

    Again, vascularity has def been showing strong! My veins in my forearms and even shoulders bulge hours after my workout! I am loving this!

    I get a good sharp focus that is awesome with Rag ultra! Definately alot better than I thought! I fig that the SNS Focus XT blend would beat the Rag blend out but I think I will give the edge to the Rag but not by a whole lot

    Wow! Awesome today! I don't think I got winded at all! I love when I feel like I can breath at the gym! This stack is definately great in this department AS WELL!!!!

    Tonight was eeehhhhh! Not the best pumps! They were ok but definately not like the other day! I have a few thoughts on this though! I ate some food pretty close to taking the supps which may have caused it and 2, I wasn't doing a very high rep range! Nevertheless, my muscles felt rock hard!!!!!

    Side Effect
    None whatsoever

    Definately love EVERY aspect of these supplements! I think I will be blowing through some plateaus here pretty quick! Just need to get the workouts dialed in better! I like order and like to know days ahead of time what I want/need to do and I just don't have that organization yet! This weekend I will try to post some pics/stats see ya'll can see what I am working with! I look forward to each and every workout now! These supps have definately become a staple! Thanks MST and keep it up! Looking forward to sum tasty RPG!!!!!! Stay tuned because I WILL ONLY GET BETTER!!!!!!!

    Post Workout
    Mycogreen x 2

    Mycogreen x 2
    Ghenerate x 4 spray

  3. Bubba you are one strong SOB champ!! Power to weight ratio is unbelievable. Can I suggest something with your PLCAR and ALCAR dosing. Take the ALCAR: 2g doses 1 hour after waking and 2 hours pre workout. Take the PLCAR: 1g doses with 1 at waking,1 during workout,and 1 pre bed. See where that gets you. MST supps are treating you well here TT...
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  4. Thanks AZ, appreciate the kind words! I don't feel like I am strong enough though ! I always want more!!!!! I like your dosing protocol for the ALCAR/PLCAR! Looks solid! thanks man! Will def try this out! I have another question! Will it hurt if I switch back and forth between Cre-02 and Rag ultra some or should I just stay strictly on the Cre-02 then when I run out switch to the Rag? Just was thinking I could use the Cre-02 when I am looking for pure strength and then days when I want to really pump it up use the Rag. Thanks for all the help!

  5. I would keep the CreO2 a constant in your system and the Rag can be used as you like. MST reps can chime in here on this as well.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  6. I kind of fig that but wasn't for sure! Thanks man for all the help! I tried to rep you but it wouldn't let me and I must spread more reps first!

  7. Alright guys here is the plan! Going to give mini-reviews every sunday with possible measurements/pics! Will post some pics/measurements today to see how my progress is coming! Will post all of this after my workout today! I have another question for you! I will be trying to hit 2 workouts per day a few days outa the week! What is a good supp protocol and dosing??? Should I use full dose of Cre-02/Cit/Cordy 5/Carnage at one workout and then maybe 1-2 serving of rag and maybe V02 ultra (if needed) at the other??? Most likely one workout will be a crossfit one and the other more of a powerlifting strength one! On days I work 12-830p I am going to try to hit my crossfit workout at 6am and then my powerlifting workout around 9 pm! So how should I dose all my stuff?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    I would keep the CreO2 a constant in your system and the Rag can be used as you like. MST reps can chime in here on this as well.
    I completely agree here. Cre-02 is not overbearing on the creatine content (2g of enteric coated goodness) so you can take daily even WITH Rag and you will still be getting 5g. The reason Cre-02 is such a phenomenal product is because with the enteric coating, it is 5x the product than it looks like on paper...and people don't know it until they use it.

    you're doing a great job man...and I love your strength on the cleans. were those power cleans or olympic style from the ground?
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  9. Quote Originally Posted by CTDeuce View Post
    I completely agree here. Cre-02 is not overbearing on the creatine content (2g of enteric coated goodness) so you can take daily even WITH Rag and you will still be getting 5g. The reason Cre-02 is such a phenomenal product is because with the enteric coating, it is 5x the product than it looks like on paper...and people don't know it until they use it.

    you're doing a great job man...and I love your strength on the cleans. were those power cleans or olympic style from the ground?
    Thanks CT for all the help! I am lovin ALL of the MST products I have tried! I opted for power cleans in the workout because I PLANNED on trying to PR in deads but an old Hammy injury is getting in the way of lifting heavy for those!

  10. Day 5:

    Pre-Workout Protocol:

    1.5 Hours Pre-Workout

    Cre-02 x 3
    Cordy 5 x 1

    45 Min Pre-Workout

    Citruvol x 4
    V02 Ultra x 1

    30 Min Pre-Workout

    Carnage x 3

    The Workout

    Today was a great day, but I am still rather disappointed with my hamstring! Felt great to begin with and then I felt it twinge/pull and it started hurting again so I had to back off!!!!!!!

    Bench Press
    275 x 5
    295 x 3
    295 x 3
    325 x 1 PR
    335 x 1 PR


    135 x 10
    225 x 5
    315 x 5
    365 x 1...then.....twinge/pull in the hammy region so I stopped!!!! Getting pissed

    Chest-to-Bar Pullup
    bw x 10
    bw x 10

    V-bar pushdown on lat machine supersetted with DB curl
    100 x 10 + 45 x 10
    120 x 8 + 55 x 5

    500 M row
    1:42.9 at 39 spm.....pretty good for being at the end of the workout.
    Best time was 1:40.6 but at only 38 spm!

    Thoughts/Rants/The Goods:

    Was great today as you can tell.....PRs baby! Felt like I would have PRed my dead but my stupid hammy is setting me back! I am ice-ing and stretching it so hopefully it'll get better!

    Great today as well! Rested very little between sets but felt I was ready to go after completing each set! Lovin it guys! Felt like I could go non-stop and for hours!

    Was mediocre today! Don't get me wrong was still very good, just not like the other days!

    Didn't take anything to help in this area but nevertheless I was still ready to tear up some weights

    This was only mediocre tonight as well too! Only took partial doses of V02/cordy 5

    Awesome today! Just the right fullness! Muscles were nice, full, and tight!

    Side Effects
    None at all!

    So far I am loving EVERY aspect of this stack! Definately is improving EVERY aspect of training paramiters! I will definately be a follower and MST supp whore

    Mycogreen x 3
    Ghenerate x 4 spray

  11. Stay tuned for stats/pics/diet/ and week 1 mini-review!!!!

  12. Alright guys, should have done this before starting the log but here are some stats and a little background!


    Height: 5'8" ish
    Weight: 182 lbs.....haven't weighed for about 2 weeks though
    BF: Dunno.....last time I had it checked in the bodpod, it was around 10%!
    but that was around 4 months ago or longer and I have also
    lost weight since then!
    L Calf: 15.5"
    R Calf: 15.45"
    L Quad: 23"
    R Quad: 22.5"
    Waist at belly button: 32.25"
    L Arm: 17.45"
    R Arm: 17.65"
    L Forearm: 13.25"
    R Forearm: 13.25"

    *These stats were taken with the orbitape to the best of my ability*


    Just recently switched to an unweighed paleo diet! Me personally, I feel that the paleo is one of the best diets for health/wellness/and body composition! For those that don't know, paleo, consists of a diet void of any bread, grains, and legumes! For these items have been shown to cause gut irritation, celiac disease, cancer, etc. Therefore, I stick with grass fed beef (turkey, buffalo, etc.), fish, good fats (olive oil, coconut oil/milk, nuts), all vegetables, and some fruit!

    So my break down looks something like this:
    Protein: 1 gm per lb of body weight (about 180 g)
    Fat: ALOT !!!!! With at least 3-5 g of pure fish oil daily
    Carbs: Fluctuates between 50 -100 g daily (not going over 100g)!

    I am fairly lean so this unweighed diet works great for me! As long as I make sure I am eating 1 g of protein per pound of bw, then I go free on all the veges/fats I want (minimum intake of nuts though....they have also been shown to cause some gut irritation) adding in either an apple and some berries throughout the day and a little apple sauce post workout! I eat between 3-4 meals per day with 1-2 snacks between those meals!


    Was a gymnast for a little over 10 years! After quitting I went straight to lifting weights. I, of course, started with Arnold HUGE encyclopedia of bodybuilding where I did workouts that took 2-3 hours at a time! I soon found out that this was not the way to train....obviously ! Through trial and error I built a pretty good base for myself! The heaviest I got in gymnastics was about 155 lbs! Through lifting weights, I was able to put on roughly 20 lbs in a few years! I was ripped and could eat anything I wanted and stayed leaned! However, I wanted to get BIG! So I was dumb and started downing weight gainers! In a few short months I shot up 20 + lbs and eventually I went up to 230 lbs! I was strong as hell, but was a blob! Fatty mcfatter!!!!!!! So I recently cut back down to 200+ and finally to where I am today....around 180lbs! I feel and look alot better at this weight although I had to sacrifice strength along the way! Other things I have done along the way have been martial arts and I did diving my senior year of HS! I love martial arts and outdoor activities, however, I just don't have the time to do it ALL, unfortunately! My new endevour has been crossfit! I helps me take out my competitiveness on the weights! Crossfit is a mix between O-lifting (which I have NEVER done) + gymnastics and puts it into a killer endurance workout! I am loving it so far even though I am dealing with some injuries right now and my endurance sucks! My goals are to maybe go to sectionals and regionals to maybe one day compete in the crossfit games! My other goals are to lose a few more lbs from the holidays and gain a few lbs of muscle with ALOT more strength....esp in the O-lifting department!

    Rotate between Crossfit (XFIT) workouts and O-lifting workouts....finally got me a workout schedule that is Max Effort Black Box Training that is PROVEN to work! So let's see what I can do with it!


    My mainstays will be a host of MST supplements including/but not limited to:
    Cordygen 5
    Citruvol XS
    Cordygen V02 Ultra
    Rag Ultra Caf Free.....Blue raz is yummy!!!!

    Other Supplements that I will cycle through during certain periods:
    SNS Focus XT
    SNS RK
    RPN Eviserate
    Primal Male

    Of course these will not all be taken at once !!!!!!!!

    I think that is all I have for now but stay tuned!!!!!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  13. Week 1 Mini-Review:

    Well, I have been on my stack for a little over a week and I am LOVIN how everything is going so far! If you have the cash for the whole MST Ironman stack (Cordygen 5/Cre-02/Carnage/Citruvol) then you should definately be looking into this because it is one hell of a stack! You can definately feel the supplements working from the very first dose and it gets better with EACH day! As you can see I have impoved in EVERY aspect of my workouts!


    10 out of 10

    I owe the strength gains to Cre-02! Everytime I got into the gym and pick up the weights they feel lighter each workout! It is hard to explain! You go into the gym ready to tear the weight up and you just feel solid! Definately feel a mind-muscle connection happening too!!!!!!


    10 out of 10

    I owe this to Citruvol/Cordy 5 and V02! This products will definately help you achieve your endurance goals! I might give out on a certain amount of reps but as soon as I set the weight down I IMMEDIATELY feel like I could pick the weight right back up and keep goin! I just don't get tired as fast! I feel like a 2 hour plus workout would be no problem! I am definately loving this aspect


    10 out of 10

    I owe this to citruvol! My veins are poppin all over...esp in my arms and forearms! It is ridiculous! I have even seen some veins in my shoulders which I rarely do! It is amazing! Even when I wake up the next morning I can still see them bulging! Before Citruvol, I was taking about 6 g of bulk citrulline malate a day! Which I would get some good vascularity/endurance from! However, the 2 g in the Citruvol feels much stronger than the 6 g of bulk I was taking! Loving it!!!!!!! Citrulline is one of my favorite supplements!!!!!
    Well now that would be citruVOL!!!!!


    10 out of 10

    The two focus supplements I use are either SNS Focus XT or Rag Ultra! Both of these produce superb results! I thought that the rag will pale in comparison to the Focus XT but I was sure wrong! Both give spectacular results! You are ready to go in the gym and just tear it up! The mind-muscle connection is very much amplified! Love this aspect!


    11 out of 10!!!!!!!

    I love this aspect because my 02 is horrible...esp when it comes to the longer XFit workouts! I owe this to cordy 5/V02! My favorite out of the two is the V02 though! It just kicks in so f-ing fast! I feel like my 02 max is taken to another level or I was givin an extra set of lungs! I feel like I can take in a refreshing breath even during the most intense workouts! It takes much much longer to get me winded and when I do get winded my breathing calms down much faster!


    10 out of 10

    I owe this to Rag Ultra and the Citruvol! Both produce some great pumps! Sometimes after taking the Rag I will look like I put on about 5 lbs. These pumps are a little different! It is not the ones where you inflate so much that the exercises get painful and you just can't go anymore! These are tight and a feeling of muscle fullness and harness! I love these types of pumps because they don't interfere with your workouts but you just look so dang good!!!!

    Side Effects

    10 out of 10

    Nothing bad to report about anything

    The ONLY two negatives that I can even come up with for this stack are two things! This is a pretty pricey stack for only a month supply! Some might feel that sticking with one or two products in order to stay within budget is the best! I know most pre-workout supps are going around 35-50 dollars for a month supply! I feel that you could use one or two of these products stacked together and obtain some great results! But I am loving the full stack! The only other negative is dosing parameters! You have to have a plan for workout times, meal times, etc to plan around taking these supps! You have to be on your game! Because Cre-02/cordy 5 have to be taken 1.5-2 hours pre, then citruvol is 45 min to an hour, then carnage is 30 min pre! So you are really having to time everything to get it just right! I have a little ocd so this usually isn't a problem! But these two things are ONLY negatives I could even think about! To me, the money is well spent on this stack and think anyone will find that it will help out in all aspects their training regimen!

    Just one
    Ok if I had to pick just one supplement from MST to use.........well I COULDN'T!!! I love them all!

    Pumps-Rag Ultra
    Focus-Rag Ultra need them all haha! I am definately a believer now!

    Oh and I have been taking the mycogreen and definately can tell something good is going on! Think it helps with recovery as well! I have been taking ghenerate pre-bed for a while now but after adding in mycogreen I seen to be waking up even leaner each morning! Dunno if it is due to the mycogreen for some reason or not! I do know that I do have to go to the bathroom every morning since adding in mycogreen though! Maybe its cleaning me out haha!

    That's all I can think of right now! Let's see what this week can bring!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Great build TT..(no homo) and congrats on the PR champ. Nice numbers!! The diet and workout look solid and with the supps you should have no problem reaching your goals.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  15. very nice *official* opening post, pics, and review numbers so far. Really appreciate all your attention to detail man.
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete


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