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    Quick question guys! I just recently purchased the ironman stak. What do you think of adding in 4.5 g of GPLC to the stack? Would it be counterproductive?

  2. Since gPLC is basically a relative to an amino acid, I can't see how it is going to hurt you in any way.

    I don't personally feel it's necessary, and I personally feel it's become increasingly overrated as more companies find out ways to include very inferior and lessened volumes in their products...but if it's something you use and enjoy using, by all means fire away brother
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  3. word to that....the only one I found worth picking up is the glycocarn by primordial since I've had great luck with all there products.

  4. Thanks guys! Yea that's the one I was going to try was by primordial! I might throw it in! We will see!

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