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  1. Thumbs up Write up on Nitroceps

    Well I got all my MST samples in the mail the other day... and to what my suprise is a package called Nitroceps. I didn't know they weren't out until my buddy told me so I felt honored to make a thread on the use of them. I am taking them tomorrow and I shall have my review and info on the supp by the end of the night.

    So Keep posted it might be late tomorrow night when I get out of work to write a full detailed review

  2. The NitroCeps should be out selling on our site in a week or so. Stay tuned. Thanks for posting feedback!

  3. My Personal Review

    So let me start of by saying this... These are the most gorgeous pills I have ever seen haha. They are that amazing turquoise color and just so smooth.

    Enough with the small talk and now down to my review.

    The directions say take 90 to 120 mins before workout. I got in my car heading back from college to the gym and took them on an empty stomach an hour before I hit the gym.

    After arriving to the gym and getting dressed and what not, I started to warm up. I felt completely focused and just overall pumped to start my workout(more then usual).

    So my first workout was squats and I was doing 3 sets of 5 with 270. That is about 10lbs more then what I put up last time. I threw the first set up no problem and was feeling good. By the third set I was on 3/5 and I didn't think I was going to finish them but determined I pushed the last two out and all I can say was what a pump I was feeling.

    Next was Barbell Standing Shoulder Press. I did 3 sets of 5 with 115. As soon as I started my first set I was noticing my forearms in the mirror. I couldn't believe how vascular they were lifting these weights even when I re-racked them back up. My arms looking just fuller and my veins were bulging harder then I've ever seen before. Finishing up the last set again I struggled but pushed out the last rep.

    Finally the third main workout was power cleans. I used 3 sets of 5 with 105. As I was completing this workout I felt great my arms were very vascular I was definitely worn out but for resting another five minutes I was ready for more.

    Each contraction of my muscles felt tight and full. I really felt like I got the most of my workout with these Pre WO supp.

    The energy I felt wasn't at all sporadic or jittery at all. I was focused on the weights and definitely tuned everything out while I lifted. But after lifting all I could think about after wards was a big

    The only thing I didn't see was a large amount of energy boost like I did with Rag. I did feel a boost but not as much as I do with 2 servings of Ragnarok but I mean that is two serving as oppose to one serving of Nitroceps. Also, not as jittery as I feel with Rag. But, a great thing I always struggle with is nausea feeling and this had none for me which was a big plus!

    Overall Nitroceps is an amazing product. I will definitely be purchasing a bottle to continue the use. I just hope they are economically friendly since I am a college student I was using Ragnarok before this and could only imagine how they would be stacked. I wish I had another sample to try that out. The sample I used was four pills and I weigh 159lbs. I am about eh give or take 12% bf. Overall I give Nitroceps 9/10.

    Now for being a good tester I get a free supply right?

    Definitely a big cheers to MST for another great product.

  4. Can't wait for this, but I guess I have to. It's gonna be in my next stack for sure, as well as some other MST goodies!!

  5. awesome review buddy...thanks for taking the time to get that posted for us!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete



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