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    Thanks to the MST people, I recently received a bunch of samples. I've used Cordyceps in the past with good results. Currently I workout 2-3 a week and play hockey once a week. Yesterday was weights & HIIT at the end of the workout. I've gone to full body workouts and I'm seeing good results. I finish up with 10 minutes of HIIT on a stationary bike (20 seconds all out, 40 seconds of easy biking). I took V02 with my preworkout drink and all I can say is WOW. I was dragging, sore/stiff from hockey 2 nights ago. A lack of sleep didn't help. The workout started a little slow, but it got better and better as I went along. I was flying by the time I hit the bike. Normally, the RPMs on the bike during the 20 seconds of going all out are in the 115 range with my heart rate around 145-147. Yesterday I was doing low 120s and my HR was low 160s. I was sweating like crazy but felt great. The V02 certainly seemed like it brought my workout to the next level!

    I have a bottle of Cordygen5 that I'm now using along with my daughter who is a competitive swimmer. I've started her on 1 cap a day for the first few days and now she is at 2. I'll be able to tell if it's working by her times and I'll post the results.

  2. PM CTDEUCE he might be able to help you out.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by benj851 View Post
    Man I have tried requested a VO2 sample from their website like 15 times, every time it says error...... bummer. Glad it worked for you though. Really hear such great things about it!

    Can't wait to see her results as well goodluck!
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa S View Post
    PM CTDEUCE he might be able to help you out.
    I give this advice anytime that I see someone say there was a website error. It really only times out like once out of every 219272910117181 or so people that try....so saying it happened to you 15 times is a bit much...lol.

    pm me your info and i'll get you whatever samples you need.
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  4. I just hit your website up for some of those free samples, and I must say:

    You have a really nice site! Also, I didn't realize how impressive your product profiles are!

    I had heard good things about Ragnarok and Cre-02, but I hadn't the opportunity to fairly check them out yet because I built up a decent stash months ago of my staples.

    After giving these samples a try, I suspect I'll be short listing your brand to must-get on a number of product categories.

    Anyway, posting for props and also to recommend others to check it out! Link is the reps signature.
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    You'll love their products, it's very good!



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