which is better or whats the difference?

  1. which is better or whats the difference?

    Which is better Cordygen5 or Ultra Cordygen or if there different what is the difference?

  2. Ultra contains a stronger strain of Cordyceps, as well, included are a number of supporting indgredients. All-in-all I would say that Ultra is "stronger" but not necessarily "better". Depending on your goals one might be better suited than the other. I'm sure ctduece can give you more information if needed.

  3. v02 ultra is going to kick in a great deal faster and last in your body for a shorter duration as where Cordygen 5 is a time released product so it is designed to last for up to 12 hours of awesomeness.

    Like Steve said, neither product can be considered greater or worse necessarily....it just depends on what your goals are to determine which product is best for you
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