XTEND with Somnidren

  1. XTEND with Somnidren

    I know it is not necessary to take a night time protein with Somnidren GH, but I can't assume it is a bad thing less possibly negating the gh effects. What about taking a bcaa or xtend pre bed with somnidren would it have the same effect?

  2. Cut directly from the FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by spaceclown View Post
    Somnidren-GH FAQ’s!

    Q: Is it really necessary to take Somnidren-GH on an empty stomach?

    A: YES! We recommend taking Somnidren-GH at least 2 hours after your last meal for best results. Any insulin or excess lipids in your blood steam will negate a maximal GH release. You will find that your night time casein protein right before bed is not needed to maintain an anabolic environment. In fact food consumed right before bedtime regardless of source usually negates growth hormone completely for a period of time and is most likely slowing your repair and growth down. Tip: You will find that time released proteins are far more effective when taken at least 2 hours before bedtime when using Somnidren-GH than when taken alone right before retiring. Somnidren-GH is much more effective and will yield greater results when taken on an empty stomach. It’s the hormonally correct thing to do. Don’t believe the myth that you have to consume food or protein right before bed to stay anabolic and grow. Growth hormone prevents catabolism and promotes anabolism while you sleep, not protein.
    Definitely not needed.

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