VO2 MS Stack For 10K Run Training + 11-Oxo?

  1. VO2 MS Stack For 10K Run Training + 11-Oxo?

    I'm about finished my first bottles of VO2, Somnidren and ZMK. I also use Purple Wraath, Micro-Creatine, Endurox R4 and Accelarade. I run 5 days a week, about 20-25 miles a week, intervals, long runs, hills, pace, etc. Lift twice a week, mostly upper body. I am taking a supplement break over the holidays, stopping lifting and reducing mileage, then will be starting to train for a 10K run in April. Ive felt a pretty good boost in endurance and pace in the past several weeks, VO2 is a great product!

    I plan to keep using VO2, Somnidren/ZMK and may switch over to Ragnarock from Purple Wraath. I might as well switch my multivite to MVP too. Since I have so much Micro-Creatine I will keep using.

    I am a morning runner and this complicates the absorption times required for caps. Currently I set my VO2 caps and a glass of water next to my bed and when my alarm goes off I take the caps and snooze twice (18 minutes) then get up, mix up my bottle of PR, sip half, dress (30 min) and hit the streets for a run. I prefer a drinkable supplement over caps because of this this. Does Ragnarock contain enough ingredients so that I do not need to take Citruvol, Carnage or Kreaceps? Perhaps two scoops would be needed?

    I am also considering using Ergopharms 11-Oxo for the six to eight weeks leading up to the race in April. Are their any concerns or interactions that might arise from using 11-Oxo with the Millennium products I intend to use? Somnidren/ZMK etc...

    Thanks for your advice on this and any other suggestions on your great products!


  2. Matt, first of all Thank You very much for your kind words about our products. We truly enjoy hearing it everytime. It just never gets old . Thank YOU for being such a good customer.

    To answer your question, I don't think you'll have any problems running your MST line with the other product you intend to add. Many people that i've known have run products very similar along with their MST stuff and have not had adverse effects.

    As far as your other question, Ragnarok contains enough creatine that you wouldn't necessarily have to run Kreaceps alongside of it. Depending on what you use the other products for will determine if they can be cut out. Personally I would continue to take Carnage as it is the best Beta Alanine product on the market right now Hands Down. Since you're using Cordygen v02, you could stand to lose the cordyceps from Citruvol...but it all depends on how highly you value your citrulline malate intake. Since you said you are using Purple Wraath, that also contains citrulline malate...so right now you are probably taking in a great deal daily.

    Let me know if I can assist you any further
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  3. 11-oxo has gotten good reviews in terms of a recomp/fatloss effect, but i'm not sure as far as endurance goes. you do know that it's a steroid, right? just making sure . also, i wouldn't take the extra creatine with Ragnarok, as it might enduce some undesirable cramps, and with such large doses of creatine, you'd want to make sure to stay super hydrated. Ragnarok is great for a boost in energy and endurance, though.
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  4. Thanks for the advice. Good point on the creatine and cramping. Is the beta alnine and citrulline malate content in Ragnarok compartable to Purple Wraath? I like the Ragnarok is available with caffine, it would be great for the morning runs!

    I have tried natural test. bosters, but not yet "pro-hormones" like 11-oxo. I do have a few lbs. to loose so fat loss is a bonus! I am hoping that it will aid in increasing my recovery from work out to work out. Nothing like hills and intervals to tax your leg muscles!

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