Cordygen 5

  1. Cordygen 5

    I know some guys like to expierment with products and what not but do not chew these up I will sick with swallowing them but I just got done chewing them up and the taste isn't bad but the outer layer thats coated doesn't chew up well lol.

    Anyway I tend to do at least 1 dumb thing a day and here it was

  2. Good question actually. There is no reason to chew them up unless you need them to kick in faster. Try to take them at least 45 minutes preworkout or cardio for best effect. I suppose if this time frame doesn't work well then you can try chewing them.

  3. I think they taste delicious. I like to put them on a coffee grinder and sprinkle them on my pre-workout oatmeal for a little treat.

    (not serious)(revolting)(don't do)(i should be studying)
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  4. I have never tried this....hmmmmm...

    No. I already feel sick.

    .....maybe next week
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

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