ragnorak question

  1. ragnorak question

    Should still be taking my protein shake preworkout along with this? I know it says take the protein shake at least 30 min before taking rag... but is taking the protein shake over an hour before my workout gonna help me much or should i just wait to take it afterwards and save some protein? Also I used it the other day and took a protein shake about 20 min before I took rag and my stomach was upset my whole workout (thats what i get for not listening to directions i guess)

  2. You're on the right track, unless you really need the extra calories you would probably be best off taking the protein shake immediately after your workout with some simple carbs. If you're on a specific diet or in dire need of extra calories then it would be best to take the protein roughly 60minutes before the workout and take the ragnarok 10-15 minutes before the workout.

    Personally I prefer the first option and just take my protein post-workout.

  3. LOL yeah, I don't think they'd waste label room saying "do no take this immediately with protein" unless it was important. So best bet is immediately after... that's the window of opportunity anyway.

  4. lol alright sounds good thnx for the replies guys

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