Ragnorak ?

  1. Ragnorak ?

    I am a early morning lifter. I am up about 5 and traing about 5:45. Trying to figure out how Rangorak would work for my situation. Now I get up and immediatly take a NO product wait about 15 minutes eat 3 eggs then drink a large cup of joe Take a stim 1 labrada charge then go work out. How would taking Rangorak first be - then eating my eggs and having coffee. I would take the caffinated version. I would like to eliminate taking the labrada stim for a while but early mornings are tough. Any suggestions - thanks.

  2. If you were taking labrada charge AND having a cup of coffee as well, i'd order the non caffeinated version personally. In many studies it will show that using too much caffeine will have the same effects on you as not using any at all.

    With the rok I try not to eat anything between taking it and working out. Then again, if I have food in my stomach when working out, it's usually a bad thing anyway. My workouts are pretty intense..and someone could lose a lunch

    Is there a specific reason you eat pre-workout as opposed to post? I'd suggest taking your rok, then your coffee and labrada, working out with a bcaa product or protein shake during, and then eating a good meal after.
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  3. I eat pre work out becuase I go to work right after my work out. But I only eat 3 scrambled eggs [trying to get some whole food protien] I could easily go with a shake instead. If the caffinated version has a good kick I would drop the labrada stim. You think I should just take ROK workout and then figure out a way to have a post work out meal. Thanks

  4. I personally think that would be your best move. You could possibly make an egg sandwich on whole wheat for post workout and just toss it in some tin foil and add a banana or apple or something from the fruit family? That would cover all your bases pretty much if thats an option for you.
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  5. That is a option. Egg sandwich it is RAGNORAK to fire it up. Thanks I really appreciate the help.

  6. Anytime buddy...anything else you need, just give a shout
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  7. Meh, I'm not sure how much I really like your plan. I understand how hard it is waking up early enough to get a whole meal in but no carbs pre-workout is an absolute no for, IMO. You don't realize how much you'll benefit from pre-workout carbs in terms of energy, pumps, etc. If you could manage to wake up an hour pre-workout and eat a cup of oats (with some from of lean protein would be awesome), or even an egg sandwich on wheat (or two) you'd be amazed at how much it would benefit you. Here's what I'd do if I were in your situation but if you really can't wake up early then what Chuck said would have to do:

    Wake up 1 hour pre-workout, eat a small meal WITH CARBS, take a quick, hot shower to wake you up and get your blood flowing, then take your 'ROK and head to the gym.
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  8. id drop the stim, rag gives a pretty good kick in my opinion, been a staple for me


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