Prometheus Rising dosing question

  1. Prometheus Rising dosing question

    In reading the label, it states to take 6 pills on an empty stomach. I've been reading that taking agamatine, especially 1g (awesome dose for this product, btw), is best when taken after a high carb meal.

    My question is: does taking PR after having had a protein shake diminish its intended effects or is this negligible?

  2. I dosed it upon waking and found that it worked well that way. Did a log on PR and Nolvadren if you want to see my thoughts about those products and how I took them.
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  3. Cool. I'm reading that thread. As for your shoulder therapy, what type of problem were you having? I had not heard about the therapy that you took, but in researching it, looks great. I've got issues with my left shoulder. Not sure if it's a rotator cuff or an impingement; feels like a wicked pinched nerve. Makes benching harder, as well as t-bar rows. Need to get it looked at. Hopefully it will not require surgery.

    Thanks for the info. Next year, I'm going to do the PR-XT and Nolvadren stack. Novaldren looks badass and pairing that with PR-XT would only be crazier!

  4. It was impingement due to rotator cuff damage when I was 17. Treatment has been electro-stim, Graston, massage, and exercise. The rows will help as long as they're bent-over; more of an upright / shrug-like motion will build up the traps a bit too much. My therapist has been showing me how to develop the mid and lower lats and all the supporting muscles that will put my shoulder back into alignment.

    I'm curious to see how PR-XT treats me. Nolvadren was great and I think you'll see great things!
    DIESEL TEST = Underground Kings of Test elevation!

  5. Cool. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Empty stomach just provides for more rapid absorption. Have the protein shake wont have any negative effects on it.

  7. Is there any reason for the 6 days on 1 day off dosing other than to extend the bottle, since most DAA products seem to be taken everyday? Would it be alright to run 2 bottles for 40 days straight?

  8. In theory, DAA increases testosterone 40-50%, but increases estrogen at a higher rate then it increases test. It also increases prolactin which has a negative impact on sex drive. So in terms of doing 5 days on 2 days off, you dont have to do that, but as far as running much passed one bottle at a time, it is entirely up to you, but look up the side effects of DAA and then consider the longer you are on it, the higher the possibility they could happen.


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