Press release for MAN Sports signing athletes

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    MAN Sports – Upping the “MAN” Power! – Signs ATHLETES!

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    MAN Sports – Upping the “MAN”-Power! SIGNS NEW ATHLETES!
    NPC athletes Pete Ciccone and Khay Rosemond join IFBB Pro, Meriza DeGuzman, signing exclusive sponsorships with innovative young company

    IFFB PRO, Meriza DeGuzman

    NPC Bikini Champ, Khay Rosemond

    NPC national competitor, Pete Ciccone

    MAN Sports, (short for Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition), a manufacturer of bodybuilding supplements, that include fast weight loss, and muscle building supplements, is a fast-rising Southern California-born Sports Nutrition company that has made major strides this past year with the launch of several new, innovative, powerhouse products. MAN Sports business has continued to grow, both domestically and internationally in spite of the challenging times, fueled by bold, cutting-edge products, including their newest category-creating products, Figure Fuel and Swagger.
    “We are proud of our latest athlete acquisitions.” states Greg Caldwell, Growth and Development Manager of MAN Sports. “Like our products, our new MAN athletes represent strength, vision and true-to-purpose integrity.” Meriza is a two-time Olympia competitor and popular Figure celebrity who continues to work hard spreading the word about health and fitness throughout the Southern California region with her many Figure and Bikini Clinics held throughout the year.
    “With the addition of industry veteran and top national level competitor, Pete Ciccone, and rising-star Bikini champion, Khay Rosemond, we have the resources to be able to reach more people, more athletes who could benefit from our premier products.”
    MAN Sports High Performance Nutritional supplements are formulated with integrity, uniquely engineered to be maximally effective, utilizing only the highest quality, most efficacious ingredients available. MAN Sports does not hide under-dosed ingredients behind “proprietary blends” or include less-than-effective doses in their products. If you seek best-in-class formulas in innovative and impactful products, try MAN Sports. You will not be disappointed.
    To learn more about MAN Sports, or to see more of Meriza, Pete and Khay, visit the MAN Sports forums, right here on Bodybuilding Supplements, MAN Sports!
    Team Orbit

  2. Was Meriza at the MAN Olympia Expo booth?

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    Was Meriza at the MAN Olympia Expo booth?

    Team Orbit

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