Orotine, Wheres the love???

  1. Orotine, Wheres the love???

    We all know Body Octane and Clout are amazing except for the taste lol! I enjoyed my run on both of those as a stack but theyre done now and am experimenting with other products. But wheres the love for OROTINE on its own as solo product. I dont see many people at all talking about it. I tend to retain water when on plain old mono hydrate so i picked up some orotine to hopefully eliminate this. Ill let you guys know once the bottles done starting it tomorrow. Anyone else have any experience with it?

  2. If you retain water on mono, that means it's working. If you don't retain water that means it's not working.

    I just finished a bottle of caped orotine a while ago. It worked fine.

  3. Yea i got the orotine capsules as well. Not sure if i should be dosing the full doses since my PWO also has creatine in it. Was thinking of just running half doses post workout when taking the PWO???

  4. Its a ghost town in here! Just wondering what you fellas think of the single dose daily of Orotine post workout when taking a PWO that already contains creatine?? Or take it twice daily no matter what??

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