Kengo Jikumaru
Natural NPC Middleweight competitor, Wakayama, Japan

BodyOctane™ gives me the preworkout boost I need, especially on a low carb diet. When using BodyOctane™, I have been able to push out that one or two extra reps that really count in bodybuilding. The pumps this product gives me is incredible. Thank you MAN for a making a great product for us natural bodybuilders P.S. The T-shirts are some of the coolest workout gear I own!”

Shane Giese – 16 years old
Natural Bodybuilder/High School Football Player, Wisconsin

After the first week of using BodyOctane™, ALL of my exercises went up in weight, reps, or BOTH. I was shocked at how much energy it gave me in the gym and I felt like I could go on forever during my sets. I would say that this is the best product to come out since creatine, but it is better than creatine!! Since BodyOctane™ doesn’t cause cramping like creatine does, I can only imagine how greatly it will impact athletes around the world!! Joey, you are the MAN!!
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Adrian Oliveira
Amateur Boxer, Rhode Island

BodyOctane™ gives me the energy to maintain my power and speed as a fight wears on. My energy is endless and my training sessions are improving continuously. I can run forever, spar forever, and hit the bags and mitts forever. The great part about BodyOctane™ is that I am ready to do it again almost as soon as I am done training. It is unreal. With so many products on the market, I was very skeptical before trying BodyOctane™ but I can say with 100% certainty that BodyOctane™ works. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about their sport.”