Meriza shoots another video, 6 days out from IFBB Pro Cal!

  1. Thumbs up Meriza shoots another video, 6 days out from IFBB Pro Cal!

    "Fueled by Figure Fuel and Body Octane, all 95.6lbs of Steel and Sex Appeal, MAN Sports sponsored athlete, IFBB Pro Meriza DeGuzman, is only 6 days out from the IFBB Pro California! She's been training hard all year, working, cardio-ing it up, lifting Sexy-Strong weights and shaping that beautiful Fit and Lean Figure into one of the most incredible, sexy and strong bodies on the scene today!

    Meriza invited her friend, 2010 Orange County Muscle Classic overall champ, Khay Rosemond, down to San Diego for a hardcore, all out Sexy-Strong training session, lit up by FigureFuel, Swaggerized and pushed into high gear with Body Octane! Here's a few photos of the action today! Check out soon for the full video!

    Also, check out photo Ms. Khay's make up case! Notice, the secret every bikini and Figure competitor should have in their make up case!! Figure Fuel and Swagger!

    Team Orbit

  2. Cool, wish her luck!

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