Clomid and test-e

  1. Clomid and test-e

    I am taking clomid 50mg/day to help with fertility. I was on TRT 100mg test-e for low test but want to have a baby and my sperm biopsy came back 0 sperm

    Question, I have been on Clomid arond 2 months and my test levels are around the same as when on test-e (mid 700's) but I have close to 0 libido. Dr. gave me daily cialis but having wood is useless if you have no desire to use it.

    So, woundering your thoughts on adding a little test back into it it that would help libido. I guess I dont understand why my test levels are the same but i never want to screw anymore.

  2. It sounds like your taking only the clomid now, correct? No more Test E?

    Have you had estradiol levels tested, both with & without clomid? Estradiol is one of the most potent negative feedbacks to FSH, which is the gonadatropin that calls for sperm production (granted the clomid is supposed to prevent that negative feedback). It's also very important for libido in the male. Too much or too little can negatively effect libido.

    I'm assuming the same doc gave you the clomid as the cialis, which would then bring me to assume you are secondary hypogonadal. If you are self-medicating the clomid, do you know if you may be primary hypo (testicular failure)? If you're primary, the clomid won't help.

  3. I am only using the clomid now. While on test-e life was great but trying to have kids uro took me off test and on clomid for 3 months. Then I will do bloodtests and i guess another biopsy to see if the clomid helped with making good active sperm.

    My e2 was high while on test. It was around 50-52 while test was around 750-890. I started l-dex since Dr. didnt feel the e was a issue.

    I do not know what my e2 is now while on clomid but will on next bt. Nipples feel better then when on test so assuming e is down some but lost my libido. I do get morning wood once in a while (1-2x/week) but the desire is gone. Wife wants to but I am never horny or in the mood.

    I dont know if i am primary or secondary. My test was normal but on the low side and i was on tons of depression meds so dr tried androgel. my levels actually dropped from approx. 330 to 171 while on topical so put me on test e and in 1 month my tt was 899. Depression gone, sex great body improving but e2 got high.

    Anyway, like i said i am ONLY doing clomid for fertility reasons not for trt. If BT doesnt show LH/FSH and whatever BT show sperm production/functioning then dr is going to have me try hcg for 3 months.

  4. What happened with the HCG? If you're responding well on clomid, then you will definately respond better on HCG (since you are secondary). Chances are you won't ever need to go back on test-e again once you get things going with HCG.

    Serms usually always negatively effect libido.

  5. stupid dr.'s have no clue on hcg. low test then all you need is test is how i think they feel. same crap i deal with on my thyroid numbers.

    i asked to add hcg to my test but both my family dr and urologist didnt feel it was needed

  6. Does anyone have some imput as to what effects adding a low dose of test-e to the clomid.

    Reminder, I am off test-e and on clomid for fertility reasons only. I dont want to mess up what the clomid is suppose to be doing but I cant deal with no libido issue. Big issue with wife as it should be.

  7. Taking test-e alongside clomid is counterproductive against each other.

    Clomid ramps up your HPTA and Test-e suppresses it.

    I know it goes against what your dr's are willing to do, but maybe source your own HCG for now...and also round up as much documentation as you can on HCG for fertility and for use as TRT, and provide that to them. HCG will beyond a doubt fix this problem for you since you are secondary hypogonadic.

    Also, check into supplementing with l-dopa. Increased dopamine levels will ramp up your libido.

  8. Cool, spoke with Dr. and her is very happy with my test levels. I actually jumped for $750's on test to 840 on clomid.

    I will look into l-dopa. Im not a big fan of supps but will check into it. Any particular brand

  9. Go on HCG with HMG and T eth. HCG with HMG 300IU every three days along with 100mg T once a week. Live long and have babies.

  10. Unique Nutrition L-Dopa is great

  11. Thanks for the advice and info. I will search l-dopa and read up on it.


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