Microsurgery for Varicocele

  1. Microsurgery for Varicocele


    I had the varicocele embolisation performed in December but unfortunately the pain still persists. I went back to the urologist who informed me that I could have the Larascopic operation to fix it but warned me that there is a high chance the testicle could atrophy more or be permantly damaged. From reading these forums I have heard the Microsurgery is probably the best option but was wondering if this procedure is performed on the UK NHS and where?

    Also if anyone has had this procedure how did you find it and how long was the recovery?

    Any help greatly appreciated.



  2. I had the Micro-Surgery .... I had bilateral varicocele .... 20+ on my left ligated and 7 on my right ....

    Healing was about a month .... 2 to 3 weeks before able to lift anything substantial .... I would do it again in a heart beat if I had to ....

  3. Thanks for replying.

    Did you have your surgery done on the NHS?


  4. No .... I am in the US .... Sorry ....

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