Blood Tests post propecia (finasteride)

  1. Blood Tests post propecia (finasteride)

    Hey guys, I'm a 19 year old male, and ive been very healthy and have always had a very high libido up until this whole event. heres my story.

    Last September my doc prescribed finasteride 1mg for my hairloss. i used it for about a month then quit cold turkey due to the sexual side effects which hit me pretty hard. After i quit, i tried letting my body restore itself for 5 months with no supplements, with VERY little improvement. (still suffering from ED big time) then in march 08 i took Diesel Test Hardcore for a month. 2 weeks later i got these bloodtests:

    Testosterone: 625 [250-1100]
    Free Test %: 2.35 [1.5-2.2]
    Free Test: 146.7 [35-155]
    DHT: 10 [25-75]
    Estrogen: 171 [<130]

    Cortisol: 22 [4-22]
    DHEA: 191 [110-510]
    LH: 3.4 [1.5-9.3]
    FSH: 1.0 [1.6-8.0]
    Prolactin: 32.5 [2.0-18.0]

    Estradiol: 23 [13-54]

    The the biggest thing that jumped out at my doctor was the high prolactin, which was almost 2x higher than the range. so he prescribes me with 2.5mg a day of bromocriptine. during the time i took the bromocriptine, i also used sustain alpha and toco 8 for about a month. I also took some ATD for about 2 weeks cause i was worried about my high estrogen. My next blood tests:

    Estrogen: 70 [<130]
    DHT: 24 [25-75]
    Prolactin: 1.5 [2.0-18.0]

    So here I am today, still not FULLY cured. I am still on the bromocriptine 2.5mg every day. I feel like my morning wood has gotten better and libido is going up slowly as well, but i have spells where i feel like im going backwards too. but i still dont get rock hard like i used to.

    Any suggestions on what i should do take? im thinking about visiting an endocrinologist to see what he has to say but im not sure yet. any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. DAM
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  3. I think there is a DHT cream available.

    What is your SHBG? I am not sure if you have enough of FreeT, would like to calculate it myself.

  4. yeah ive heard of this DHT cream called andractim or something like that? but i think its prescription only, which is why im considering visiting an endo. my doc says my DHT should start to go back up naturally because the high prolactin was suppressing the conversion of T to DHT, but im not sure i completely buy that theory.

    Unfortunately i didnt get my SHBG tested, although i did get it tested right before i started propecia so if i do get it tested anytime soon i can have a reference to where i was before the drug.

    I have a couple of bottles of sustain alpha lying around, im thinking of going back on it and see what happens.

  5. This is criminal.
    Doing this to a 'healthy' 19 year old.



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