I will be going to my endo thur in hopes she will up my Androgel from 4 pumps per day to 6. Some of my blood work came back yesterday, it shows my B12 on the xtreme low side of normal. I asked her to check it, because I still have no energy at all. I think the B12 range was 200-900 and mine was 238. Can any harm come just from trying injections short term to see if energy goes up? All other blood work looked within range except on the Hemogram, MCH checked high at 33.4 and MPV was low at 6.6 I am on my 2nd week of taking no antidepressants at all. I do not feel great but feel no worse. I was taking 300 mg of Webutrin. Blood pressure continues to stay at lower level since I started Androgel, thats a great side effect, readings went from 152/110 to 134/80