Androgel Evening Crash

  1. Androgel Evening Crash

    I started taking Androgel a couple of weeks ago for low testosterone levels. I'm also taking Levoxyl as I'm hypothyroid.

    I think I have more energy in the morning and afternoon, but I seem to crash in the evening. Just wondering if other folks have experienced the same thing?

  2. Yeah .... I agree .... Although there are some nights I seem to have more energy ....

    How's it working for your ED if I might be so bold ? I've been on it now for 20 days .... I had actually started it on April 4 but ran out May 12th and didn't get my script refilled till the 27th of May .... I nose dived .... And now I am getting back to where I should be I hope, but it is a long haul ....

    Are you in a relationship ?

  3. Probably too soon to tell, but maybe some improvement. The internet says 2 weeks to 2 months for signs of improvement on various symptoms.

    My GF of a few months is okay. She was concerned before I started treatment because she thought I wasn't attracted to her. Hopefully the hardware malfunctions will go away over time.

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