Supplements to Ramp Up HPTA

  1. Supplements to Ramp Up HPTA

    I am going to go off TRT to see if I can recover my HPTA. I've been on 100mg Test and 350iu HCG 2x week. I am going off Test, use HCG for a couple weeks, then do a PCT type protocol with clomid and Nolvadex.

    Are there any regular supplements that I should use during this process to help recover/ramp up the HPTA?


  2. This is how your doc had you do it?
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  3. No. My doc wanted me to go cold turkey.

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    This is how your doc had you do it?
  4. Your Dr is a sadist

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    No. My doc wanted me to go cold turkey.
    Cold Turkey? Hope you like misery.....

  5. i'd think an herbal test booster would be nice to start a little before beginning PCT, so it has time to build up and be in full force. probably my recommendation would be MAN Primal Male maybe diesel test hardcore. Also an idea would be to add Toco 8 by primordial, as it seems to help as well. i'd avoid the test boosters that have their primary mode of action to raise test being either thru lowering SHBG or as an AI.

  6. Yeah, that is why i want to do a PCT type protocol, in addition to wanting to kick start the HPTA

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    Cold Turkey? Hope you like misery.....

  7. I'm into a second week of the following stack (after an 8 week pulse of Epistane)

    Mass FX
    Lean Xtreme
    Advanced PCT

    I'ts the kitchen sink method!


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