More Choices For Fat Removal

  1. More Choices For Fat Removal

    Liposuction or Lipoplasty, as cosmetic surgeons refer to it, has become another very popular aesthetic body treatment which removes unwanted body fat. A peculiar and unwanted side effect is that fat can reoccur in a completely different area than where it was taken.

    The two basic techniques of removal are used; the Tumescent technique and Ultrasonic, Tumescent being the most popular. Since the tube that removes the fat is not as large, it helps to reduce bruising in the area, is less painful and more rapid healing and recovery is expected.

    With Ultrasonic liposuction it is possible to remove fat from difficult areas such as the upper abdomen, flanks, hip and back. The conventional method is often more difficult to perform over other cosmetic treatments because the surgeon cannot see where the probe is, consequently internal injury can be the result.

    A consult with your cosmetic surgeon about the best and safest technique is recommended. Patients are required to undergo a series of physical examinations to determine whether or not their health is good enough to have liposuction performed.

    Much progress has been made recently in this field. Lipo Dissolve, another process akin to liposuction removes fat from cellulite sufferers. The greatest benefit to patients is that no form of anesthetic is required, just tiny injections, and does not interfere with other cosmetic skin treatments where surgery is required.

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