Hi all,

Just had a Saliva hormone test done and the numbers seem odd :


Estradiol (E2) 1.0 pg/ml 0.5-2.2

Progesterone 4230H pg/ml 12-100

Estriol (E3) 3.0 pg/ml 0-3.0

Estrone (E1) 4.2H pg/ml 0-3.0

Testosterone(Bio) 254 pg/ml 115-3700(5-50mg topical 12-24 hr)

Dheas 9.9 ng/ml 2-23(Age dependant)

Cortisol Morning 4.1 ng/ml 3.7-9.5


Iam aged 24 and was on Test Cyp 32mg E2D+Hcg 250iuE2D+
Aromasin 10mg E2D.(Have recently changed too Test Cyp 28mg E2D+Hcg 125iuE2D+ Aromasin 10mg ED)

I was on 3 caps of Reset Ad(Chronic fatigue) for over a year.
It has 25mg of Pregnenolone each cap, I think this could be
converting too Progesterone so I have stopped.

Will test Dht as high Progesterone levels can mean low Dht levels.Also have lowered Hcg dose due too possible conversion too Progesterone.

Is the Estriol level high ? Estriol (E3) 3.0 pg/ml 0-3.0
(Review summary states it is low, does not seem low)

Ive searched for this but havent found much.

For the high Estrone level I plan too use 4 caps of Dual Action plus Calcium G 600mg a day. Hopefully this should lower the E1 levels and not lower the E2 anymore.

Bio testosterone level seems low for this range, however
the review summary suggests otherwise.

Can someone advise on the Bio test reading?

I would like too increase Dheas reading too 18+, will use Dhea cream.

Ive had Chronic fatigue before but ZRT messed up the Cortisol reading as it should be afternoon as the test was taking afternoon and not morning. I wake up at 12-1pm.
Taking at 1pm once awoke so maybe Zrt were right?

Any good advice would be much appreciated, Thank you.