Clomid and sides

  1. Clomid and sides

    I am taking 50mg of Clomid/day for fertility issues. I was on test-e but decided to try and have another kid but had no active/good sperm so we stopped the test and started Clomid for 3 months then will do a bloodtest.

    Question is if anyone has experience any sides from it. I have been on it around a month and my muscles are so sore for days after working out. I have been lifting for over 15 years so I am used to muscle soreness and aches after hard workouts but these seem different.

    My muscles are much more sore and the soreness seems to last for days rather than a day or 2.

    I also have real low iron, ferritin and vit. d and am taking supps per Dr. to try and bring them up but this problem started a month or so prior to starting clomid so I dont think they are the reason for the soreness.

  2. You are taking 50mg/day/3 mos? That is a heavy dose... you will probably have sides (vision, emotional). Never heard about muscle sides.

    I was taking 12.5mg/day/2 mos... did not have any sides. Brought my T from 260 to 760. I've been off for a month now... my retest is due about Jul 1, then I'll know if my "restart" really worked.

  3. Did you use it to get off a cycle or were u on trt.

    I heard that was a high dose. 50mg/day is what 2 fert. specialist and a urologist all suggested. If that doesnt work then HcG. I just want to go back on my test. Felt better, I seem to have lost my desire

  4. Quote Originally Posted by corndog View Post
    Did you use it to get off a cycle or were u on trt.
    I was on TRT (gel). Figured I'd try to go natural again before I get too old. If I go low again, I am going to HCG.

  5. Topicals didnt work for me. Went to IM and changed my life.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by corndog View Post
    Topicals didnt work for me. Went to IM and changed my life.
    What is IM , what is Topicals?

  7. Inter muscular = Meaning shots. I take test-e shots weekly or I did up to being put on clomid

  8. Quote Originally Posted by corndog View Post
    Topicals didnt work for me. Went to IM and changed my life.
    Cool, what was your dosing schedule for the IM?

    Right now my natural TT is about 750 so I'm fine with it.

  9. 200mg e/o/w but I took it 100mg/week

    I tried dividing the 100mg/week into e3d but it became a pain in the @ss and I didnt noticed any difference

  10. The Clomid sides a killing me now.

    No desire

    Depression back big time

  11. Do your dr's know if you are primary or secondary?

    If you are primary, you should have remained on test and then included hcg/hmg to your protocol..otherwise you're going to have a hard time of it while trying to naturally raise test levels.

  12. Well no, when 1st diagnosed with low t there wasnt any BT done for LH/FSH or a basic complete hormone panel. I guess they could guestimate but once I showed low t and they started me on test right away the next test which had LH/FSH and others would be correct because of test-e

    THey want me to try the Clomid 1st then if fails go to HcG. I just dont know if I will be able to wait a full months feeling like this.

  13. Deprenyl would have been good to take while starting this protocol. It's a drug that boosts levels of active dopamine and will dramatically improve libido and motivation / remove depression if on a high enough dose (although it is generally not prescribed for this type of treatment - it's available from several sources online). It is clinically proven to treat depression, so maybe a dr can prescribe it..but it may be a bit late now to prevent the negative sides of stopping t-treatment. Could take a bit for another drug to take effect. I'd talk to your dr about it and also push to get on hcg.


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