Importance of estrone (E1)?

  1. Importance of estrone (E1)?


    I'm still wondering whether E1 levels have influence on my hypogonadal symptoms (low libido). I guess I may be a primary hypogonadal, since my blood results before treatments were:

    Total T 22 nmol/l (range 10-38)
    SHBG 70 nmol/L (13-71)
    free T 220 pmol/l (150-500)
    estradiol 90 pmol/l (<160)
    prolactin 289 (70-300)
    TSH 1.8 (0.3-4.5)
    fT4 17 (10-21)
    LH 11
    FSH 20
    iron, ferritin etc. okay

    At the moment I'm on trial of sustanon shots, and soon going to lab tests to see how my T and fT have improved and whether they have something to do with my symptoms.

    I was wondering since my E2 is okay (well, my fT is low due to high SHBG so there is not much to convert to E2), can E1 still be high, and causing the symptoms? is E1 as potent as E2? I have not seen many hypogonadal diagnosis articles which say that measurement of E1 is important.. they all are talking about E2.

    Thanks for your answers and help

  2. Hippi,

    I am a 24 year old male who started having low libido and genital insensitivity since June 2007. I also used propecia (finasteride) and my symptoms have become worse since quitting 15 months ago.

    I have seen many doctors and have done 3 different blood tests, but nothing shows up "abnormal". I've used all sorts of supplements, but they have only given me very slight, temporary improvements.

    The only time my libido and erections have ever been affected in my life was when I first started propecia when I was 21. Those side effects went away after a month of use, but I suddenly and completely lost my sex drive after 3 years of using the propecia. I've been trying to find other reasons why I have lost my sex drive, but propecia has honestly been the only thing to affect it. I am searching for any causes that I can find.

    I have also lost my morning erections, which I used to get everyday of my life since puberty. My semen is very low volume now and seems watery.

    So I wanted to ask you:

    1. When did your problem start and how is your libido right now?

    2. What treatments/supplements have you tried and what has helped?

    By the way, my username is "worried" on the website.

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