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    AM Members,

    Research with tocotrienols has shown that they can improve the cholesterol profile, and improve the health of the cardiovascular system. Tocotrienols can reduce LDL, while increasing HDL. Plus they are one of the few nutrients that can actually clean plaque buildup from the arteries and increase arterial blood flow.

    Recently, we had a customer report back to us after his use of (Our tocotrienol supplement)

    Here is his post and blood results –

    "Attached are my blood results after taking Toco-8 for 60 days. My LDL has always run 180 or so and it would spike to over 190 when on cycle. I have always eaten correctly but my LDL cholesterol has always been high. My Doctor told me he wants my LDL lower than 130. I have been getting my blood tested every quarter and trying different approaches to lower my LDL level.

    I tried everything to get it down supplement wise because I did not want to be put on cholesterol meds. Fish oil and Niacin would get my LDL down to 170 but no lower. The sides from Niacin suck bad, the flushing feels like a sunburn and makes you skin itch like poison ivy. I tried adding Picolisanol to the mix did not anything for my cholesterol. I ran this for 3 months and the best I could do is about 170 LDL.

    I noticed that Primordial had this product Toco-8 that claimed to lower cholesterol and save your hair. I said to myself....yea right...same old snake oil salesman line I hear from all the supplement dealers. I decided to try it not expecting much results if any at all.

    I ran Toco-8 with 6 grams fish oil both split twice daily, I also ran Primordial's CLA with the two, thats all. I finished the CLA two weeks before my blood test. I had finished pct after a 14 week test/deca cycle. I started taking the supplements two weeks after finishing pct. My cholesterol should have been high at this point. My diet was poor the week prior to testing from fast food. I had been on a field service job for work.

    When I got my blood test results I could not believe it......139 LDL WOW! I never had this low of results, almost normal LDL in a short period of time and even after a cycle. I think it will drop further after being on it for a while longer. I am throughly impressed with Primordial's products. I will continue to take Toco-8. They have a customer for life. Hopefully my hair will benefit as well as I plan on using some masterone in the near future.

    Thanks Primordial,


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    Thanks for the support.


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