best otc product for anti estrogen prolactin

  1. best otc product for anti estrogen prolactin

    what's the best OTC anti-estrogen and anti-prolactin product out there?

  2. I've Never tried it- interested though. Look into Restore by ALRI (a board sponsor)

  3. okay thanks

    ive read it but i think it may be a little too strong for me (im not on prohormones or something like that)

    i have an old endotest bottle lying around and tried it again, dosing at 3 or 4 caps day and i get my morning wood back

    im wondering if it's the dim or vitex in it (or maybe the trib but i don't think so)

    my test level is high enough as shown on a test but i don't get morning wood

    when using aspire i get massive morning woodies but again, im not looking for regular use of this type of product

    funny thing is also i have more erotic thoughts, and before the use of it not so much

    im puzzling whether i should stay at this dose and see if morning wood gets stronger or up the dose?

    basically i guess it's either dim which lowers me estrogen and thus give me woody, meaning i have high test naturally and too much is converted too estrogen? i have no ***** tits or any high estrogen symptoms, im actually pretty skinny

    or is it vitex which lowers prolactin and makes me have more sexual thoughts?

    should i dose twice a day 2 caps, or at once 4 caps in the evening?

    any other recommendation would be helpful for a sexual support product which i can take once or twice a day, containing preferably:

    anti estrogen
    anti prolactin
    up free test
    some natural pde-5 complex / vasodilator part

    i already tried arginine but this doesn't give me the rock hard boners like aspire does

    never tried goat weed, is this good? yohimbine sucks it's too overstimulating for me

    thx for any suggestions!

  4. You dont have to be on pro-hormones or coming off of them to enjoy restore. It sounds like exactly what you're looking for...anti-estrogen, ups free test, reduces prolactin effects, and has a positive affect on cortisol levels. Only thing is its not a vasodilator/ pde inhibitor. You aren't gonna get huge or mean taking restore. I would definitely go with this option.


  5. Do you have labwork to prove that you need to lower estrogen and prolactin?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Trevor Miller View Post
    Do you have labwork to prove that you need to lower estrogen and prolactin?

  7. I cycle 6-OXO for anti-E
    [3 caps/night for the recommended cycle]

    It works pretty damn good.
    Just my 0.02

    And yes you can use it stand-alone if not on TRT.


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