cortisol levels

  1. cortisol levels

    on a 24hr urine cortisol test i was:

    22.7mcg/dl range: 4-55

    and on a regular blood draw i was:

    cortisol..... 8.5ug/dl range:2-25
    acth.......... 15pg/ml range:10-52

    are these levels optimal?? and if not should i run a acth stimulation test??

  2. You're fine, you're right in the middle of the ranges. Nothing to worry about from what I can see.

    Is there any particular reason you're worried about your cortisol levels? Have you noticed symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome? Or is it just paranoia about the catabolic effects of cortisol on your muscles that has you worried? If so, just remember to keep your workout 45-60 minutes, get lots of sleep, and practice stress-relief techniques like meditation, deep breathing etc.

  3. well im being treated for hypothyroid and hypogonadism, and am not happy with my treatment. being 22, it is hard to accept that i have such a low level of testosterone and test shots is my only option.

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