I'm a 34 year old male diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and adrenal fatigue.My bloodwork showed low Testosterone,Low DHT, low DHEA, low progesterone, and HIGH estrogen levels.From what I've researched thyroiditis is most common in middle-aged women and men over the age of 40( when testosterone would drop and estrogen would dominate) I wonder if long-term propecia use(10 yrs up to 6 months ago) would have "primed" my hormonal profile, or left it defenseless against an autoimmune disorder such as thyroiditis. Maybe the hormone imbalance along with other factors such as diet, environment, or stress could have induced this. Also, if someone was to rebalance hormones,reduce autoimmune attack and inflammation, could there be a remission of autoimmune disorder and perhaps reversal of any damage to thyroid allowing it to function normally without treatment?