Need help HRT

  1. Need help HRT

    A little about myself. I'm 41, 6'1" tall and weigh 200 pounds. My body fat is around 12%. Workout with weights since I
    was a teenager. I'm looking for a doctor in NE Florida that can help me. The last 12 months have been hell for me and I'm
    tired of going from doctor to doctor with very little help.
    January of 07 my T-levels were checked because of lack of ED, depression and fatigue among others.

    Serum testosterone 305 ng/dl (241-827).
    Free T-levels were 8.3 pg/ml (6.8-21.5).

    I was given AndroGel and sent on my way. Erection came and went after three weeks but did not feel much different.

    While on the gel my levels were rechecked in late February of 07 and were 714 for serum on the same scale as noted above and 20.3 for free+weakly bound on reference range of( 9.0-46.0)
    FSH (1.9)
    LH (1.6)

    I checked the Meso boards and found a primary care Physician that has shown interest in HRT. He said I have the T of a sixty year old but sent me to an Endo that was useless. Before seeing the Endo I was taken off the Androgel in march at his advice.

    (Blood work by the Endo in April of 07)

    Prolactin level 5.9 ng/ml (3.0-13.0)
    LH 3.2 mlU/ML
    TSH 1.89 mcU/ml (0.34-5.60)
    FSH 2.6 mlU/ML
    cortisol 13.8 u/dl
    free thyroxine 1.0 ng/dl
    Free T (direct) 9.2 pg/ml (6.8-21.5)
    Serum T 372 ng/dl (241-827

    I asked the Endo about other blood work that was recommended on "All things male" wed site. He said I was normal and did not need it.

    I found an Urologist out of network (out of pocket) that was highly recommended. I showed him my blood work
    and said that I should get back on Androgel. I said I wanted to do HCG with the gel and he said he doesn't do both. My next visit will be later this month and he may try HCG twice a week by itself only for 6 months and no longer. He rechecked my T-level and wasn't interested in checking anything else other than PSA.
    I asked about E2 levelsif it should be checked and he said it was not a concern.

    Jan 08 blood work

    T-level 310 ng/dl (168-746)
    PSA 2.4 ng/mL (0.0-4.0) He is concerned about this because it is border line high for my age group.
    free T ( I don't have results yet)

  2. I got PM from one of our friends here.
    My answer to him may also (mostly) apply to you.
    ============================== =================
    I am not a doctor, I am 68yo man who had to tend for my self because I can't get a doctor to do it.
    Howewer there is no way to do it with out a doctor who is willing to write the necessary scripts.
    Since your sex drive and sexual capabilities are not really suffering I would not screw around until I got means to check everything properly. That mean available doctor and available funds or insurance.
    One more restriction. You would have to be able to do blood tests at Quest Diagnostics and nutritional tests at Genova Diagnostics. If you have a average job and insurance, usually that should not be a problem.
    With doctors it is harder. I had a best luck so far with my current doctor. He is osteopath. He himself would newer given me anything even colse to what I am doing for my self. But with little bit of my knowledge I was able to easy up his mind and he does what I ask him for.
    So you have one more restriction, you have to learn few things about how do you want to be treated so you have a plan and can present that plan coherently to your doctor.
    Many doctors are going along with patient's wishes, just my previus doctor drew line to close.
    Say, he had given me testosterone, but only Androgel and forget about anything else or even t injections.

    All this is not really that complicated as, possibly, I made this sound, but without this little bit of capabilities you are not going to get anywhere and will definitely get hurt in the process.
    Additionally, most often, the adding testosterone part is a one way street, it is forewer.
    So, it is a good idea to make real good check of everything else in your health.

    And do not spend more money on saliva and blood spot testing,
    also do not spend any money on any supplements, put only good food in your mouth.
    The first thing you would do is NutrEval at Genova, and that would tell you what supplements your body needs, and nothing else.

    Chew on this, and get back to me.

  3. To find a doctor, call Genova Diagnostics,
    ask them for doctors who use their services,
    doing at least
    Metabolic Analysis Profiles
    better if also
    Essential Fatty Acids
    better if
    better if

    Genova is an international laboratory, above and below equator.
    Located in Asheville, NC 28801

  4. JanSz....Thanks for the link. I will give them a call and go from there.

    Thanks again and I will keep you posted

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