Ever wondered if all your anti aging efforts are getting you anywhere? I found a site which tells you as it is. facesbook.com (not facebook.com) . You have to upload a photo of your self and people , as you can See, vote on how old they think you look. You can upload upto four photos of your self so you can do some interesting tests. I used a photo of myself from before i started on trying to combat aging and i was 33 years old at the time. My average age for that photo came back as 41!!!! I was over weight and not looking after my self. I put a moor recent photo in (i am now 37) and my age cam back as 32. People also vote on how attractive you are, which is also interesting. I put a photo of myself with my hair dyed and although i was voted younger i was also voted less attractive. I am going to try another shade. Any way thought i would share that with you.