Gyno help

  1. Gyno help

    i am 21 years old ran a cycle of SD with post cycle therapy last spring..since then i have slowly come to see that my nipples were getting itchy and had symptoms of gyno...just got back from the the doctor who confirmed i had minor gyno..he advised me to just wait it out and said it would go away in 6 months to a year... i have a spring break trip coming up and would like to make some of the effects less noticble or even get rid of the gyno all together

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. try posting this in the pct section and you might get a better response then go cop some letro and do a protocol search

  3. not sure how true this is but apparently prep h will help it temporarily, i think its like a couple hours or so then you have to apply it again.****1344747
    that is where i read it, there is some really good information on there about gyno

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