Could this be gyno?

  1. Could this be gyno?

    I've noticed a small, round, smooth bump on my nipple that wasn't there before. It was painful at first, but not much any more. The whole nipple always seems a little harder than the other.

    I am 33yo and very lean. My estrodial is in the middle range (25) but I have low test (300), so my ratio is technically estrogen dominant. I am on TRT but not absorbing the gel very well. Planning to try HCG after varicocele repair.

    Do you think its mild gyno or something else? Would something like 6-OXO help improve my ratio?


  2. It probably is gyno. Your estradiol does seem okay, but like you said, the T/E ratio is not great. How long have you been on the gel? Does the nipple have a "puffy" appearance? Is it noticeably different looking from the other side? If so, you should probably try to do something about it. Talk to your doc. and let him examine you. If the same thing happens on the other side, at least you will look "balanced." A lot of guys get slight gyno under the nipple, and it looks fine. This happened to me when I was in my teens, but my chest is nice (no flab) and the nipples (areolas) are small, so the slight puffiness of the nipples looks fine. (There are even a good number of male models with puffy nipples, who obviously, look great - a matter of personal preference, I guess.) Anyway, talk to your doc about it. It is my understanding that if you catch this early, you may be able to do something about it. If it goes on too long, it may be irreversible, and if it bothers you, or if it isn't a good look on you, you might have to have some cosmetic surgery.

  3. most doctors will tell you surgery is the only option so if i were you i would do some research and bring him information on other routes. i did so with my doctor and he set me up with an endocrinologist to talk about the various meds i may be able to take to reduce it if not get rid of it. letrozole has done some pretty good things for people as well as various other prescription drugs. check out this link and maybe print it out for your doctor****1344747

  4. Thanks for the info. Its not too bad yet. I just need to get my free T up quick. In the mean time, I'm taking 6-oxo.

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