Adrenals--hypo or hyperadrenia?

  1. Unhappy Adrenals--hypo or hyperadrenia?


    1) Chronic Stim use for 5+ YEARS without stopping. No high doses of anything, however, hardly any breaks.

    I do feel I "need" them for workouts otherwise my workouts seem useless. Before anyone jumps my crap forthis, I use low doses and feel Ive never fully attenuated to these as Ive neverhad the need to increase doses. I liken this to the typical Amercan drinking a few cups of coffee everyday of his/her life. not the smartest thing but within reasonable limits.

    2) I have been under a ton of stress lately (work/family, etc).

    3) The last week, I've suffered MAJOR:
    extreme apathy/borderline depression
    lethargy/tired all the time
    workouts suck (noo motivation/little energy)
    carb cravings out the wazoo
    wake up exhausted (difficulties falling asleep at times)
    weight gain (prolly a secondary effect of the overeating and carbs as well as the **** work outs)

    Would my problem bee hypo or hyperadrenia? The sides from hypo and hyper can be similar.


  2. PS: I know everything points to hypO-adrenia (chronic fatigue Syn) but I read that Hypo leads to UNDER-eating. Im starving all the times.

  3. the treatment is not that much different anyways. Hypo just means your further along on the spectrum. My advice, drop ALL exercise for two weeks, add in some adaptogens, make sure your sleeping well (use unisom if necessary, no neg.'s here). Then, in two weeks re-evaluate. If still utterly feeling like ****, you probably will need some adrenal meds. Find a doc who will prescribe HC, start real slow and build to around 15-20mg.

  4. look at Reset-AD for adrenal support

  5. Is there any adrenal fatigue support without something in it that raises cortisol?

  6. Probably not


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