Why do our testes atrophy on TRT?

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    Why do our testes atrophy on TRT?

    If your T levels were at level X when you were 25, and are now at X minus 30%, at age 50 say, why would replacing T back to X levels cause testicular atrophy? At one time it was a normal level and now the body sees it as too much?

    Has anyone heard of ramping up T very slowly, just titrating it a bit week to week and at the same time removing excess E, so that total circulating hormone was the same, why would you get shut down?

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    They atrophy from lack of use (more)

    Just as with muscles, it's "use it or lose it". External T shuts down the body's natural feedback loop. When your brain senses the extra T in your system it figures the testes don't need stimulation and shuts off the LH/FSH hormones that make them work. Now idled, the testes lose the ability to work after too long a time. Imagine what your muscles would look and work life if you hardly ever moved or exerted them. Sorta the same idea.
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    Anyman is 100% right.

    That said, if you include hCG as part of your TRT, your testes should not atrophy.

    hCG acts as a LH mimic, thus stimulating your testes and maintaining your endogenous baseline testicular output.

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