Injection question

  1. Injection question

    I have been doing glute injections for about seven or eight months now. Usually I get at most a pinhead of blood when I pull the needle out. Today I got a large amount that could have easily ran down to the back of my leg. I guess I hit a vein or maybe even a small artery. My question is this. Do you lose a large amount of the test when this happens or is it dispersed into the tissue immediately when you do the injection?

  2. No worries. You don't lose very much oil,it's in the muscle. I've had a few gushers myself. Just always remember to aspirate before you inject.

  3. try injecting in leg or shoulder with 28 guage 1/2 inch needle it works just as good as less scare tissue build up. i had a client injecting i there ass with an inuslin pin I change it to shoulder and leg and he seems to having less trouble with e2 becauase its not getting trapped in the subcutaneous fat spiking e2 up ying yang.

  4. Thanks guys! I appreciate it.

  5. I always inject into my shoulder or leg...

    I avoid the ass because I don't like to shoot blindly.

    aspirate first and a little blood isn't a big deal

  6. Quote Originally Posted by RugbyHooligan View Post

    aspirate first and a little blood isn't a big deal

    Just to make sure I'm on the same page, that's two separate stataments, right?

    As in;

    1. aspirate first
    2. a little blood after the injection is no big deal.

    even "a little" blood IN the syringe upon aspiration would mean you're in a vein and WOULD be a cause to abort the shot, yes?

    Lemme know, I start tomorrow.


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