Adrenal function

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    Adrenal function

    ok.. what to make of Adrenal function (or what other conclusions can be drawn) from someone who is on TRT, has good T levels, ok E2 levels, low'ish Thyroid and upper range DHEA and lower range 8AM Cortisol.

    Can the T supplementation elevate the DHEA and mask poor Adrenal function... I have initiated Armour and supplements for Adrenals NOT HC, as the good DHEA levels seem to contadict the low Cortisol levels. Not convinced I dont need HC, but curious about the seemingly opposing DHEA and Cortisol.

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    I've never heard of testosterone raising DHEA, IIRC it's the other way around.

    Adrenals can be weird, I have the opposite problem... low DHEA and high cortisol, and I am supplementing DHEA to correct that imbalance.

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