Updated Bloodwork

  1. Updated Bloodwork

    So I just got new bloodwork as I was missing a few things on the last. Well it seems they also forgot to test a couple things this time around too (DHT) but I have an appointment with an endo in a month or two and will go over it then.

    Some things are looking good...but overall I'm still unhappy and thinking that TRT is in the near future...Problem is, do I wait till I have kids before choosing this path? Will I even be able to have kids after choosing TRT/HRT? That's my main concern at this point of the game. I guess frozen popsicles are an option as well depending on what I decide to do.

    Here are my old results:

    Tests: (3) Lipid Panel

    Cholesterol, Total 132 mg/dL 100-199
    Tryglycerides 42 mg/dL 0-149
    HDL Cholesterol 59 mg/dL 40-59
    ! VLDL Cholesterol 8 mg/dL 5-40
    LDL Cholesterol 65 mg/dL 0-99

    Test: (4) Testosterone, Free and Total

    ! Testosterone, Serum 381 ng/dL 241-827
    Free Testosterone (Direct) 10.5 pg/mL 9.3-26.5

    Test: (5) Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate

    DHEA-Sulfate [L] 196 ug/dL 280-640

    Here are my new results (taken 2 months after previous):

    Testosterone, Free and Total

    ! Testosterone, Serum 310 ng/dL 241-827
    Free Testosterone (Direct) 11.6 pg/mL 9.3-26.5


    DHEA 718 ng/dL 208-771


    Estradiol, Sensitive 24 pg/mL 3-70


    Prolactin 5.3 ng/mL 2.1-17.7


    Cortisol (am) 18.0 ng/dL 3.1-22.4


    SHBG 21.0 nmol/L 13-71

    DHT - ?????? (had specifically asked for this since I have been noticing what seems like high-androgen effects)

    Any recommendations, comments or directions would be great. Seeing an endo soon, but not quite sure what to do at this point. It does seem that these are my baseline levels though. I feel pretty much the same as I've always remembered...I've used anti-depressents in the past, but went off them as I have no liking for them anymore and they do very little on the positive side of things.

    I don't know how good the endo is that I will be seeing, but currently I have HCG, IGF, and toremifene (also have a fresh bottle of aromasin) which I can use to see if I can raise my baseline levels on my own. In theory, if they go up, then back down...then the above baselines are basically where I'm stuck at. I'm pretty sure my DHEA has risen due to the Relora that I've been taking at 1500mg ed...I've also raised the amount of cholesterol I've been eating, but the GP refused to test my cholesterol again and rediculously argued that cholesterol has little to do with hormones (I just laughed to myself when he was arguing this - but then again he's just a GP and not schooled very much in the endocrine system).

  2. BTW, previous to this new bloodwork, I went on Diesel Test Hardcore along with PCS for 1 month. I went off it for maybe 4 days before getting new bloodwork since I didn't want it to effect the results. I was hoping for a positive change in my baseline after that 1 month.

    Other supps being taken were Sensoril (ashwaganda) + Relora + Schizandra.

    Currently I am on a very high dose of PCS (trans-resveratrol 50%) to elevate my test levels, as well as Get Diesel's TTE to free up some test. Went back on this a few days after bloodwork was taken. Currently thinking of adding in 7-oxy DHEA to help lower cortisol for the time being as well.

  3. Ur total test went down a little but ur DHEA went from 196 ug/dL to 718 ug/dL? And ur free test went up 1 pt (basically no change)? What was your SHBG, prolactin and cortisol before or did they not test those? Wait, those are 2 dif, measurements, did u go the the same place for the test?

  4. yeah I went to get the tests through my same doctor. He initially didn't run all the tests I had asked for. My DHEA sulfate was really low before, and now my DHEA is high, which is good...but my total test is lower. It's weird I don't get it...but I've been speaking to people and they seem to think my low overal test is due to my diet and nutrition. I'm not freaking out for now since I know my nutrition has been pretty bad, very little animal fats, lots of fish + fish oil while taking no omega 6. I'm also likely zinc deficient and mineral dificient in general...not to mention I am pretty sure I am currently overtraining.

    Going to fix my diet and training, as well as my crappy sleep patterns, and then get retested in another month or maybe in like 3 months from now. There are a number of lifestyle factors that are likely giving me a low test score.

    I'm pretty sure my DHEA has shot up due to the high use of Relora, which has been tested to increase DHEA naturally by over 200%

    I am supposed to see an endo here in nyc pretty soon, but I think I am going to wait on that and instead see/speak with a nutritionist first...and then also maybe an anti-aging doctor in Jersey.

    BTW - TribTest Extreme and high-dose trans-resveratrol is working great atm...definately feeling effects of higher testosterone. I just need to work out other things to keep these levels higher.

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